Releasing Over-Responsibility. Embracing Enough. Reset the Imbalance.

 In From Burnout to Balance Series

Releasing Over-Responsibility. Embracing Enough. Reset the Imbalance.
(#3 of 3 in From Burnout to Balance Series)

At the root of all the over-giving and over-self-reliance and much of the burnout and imbalance we experience is a big old old root ball called “OVER-RESPONSIBILITY.” 

We’ve been imprinted and conditioned by our society and family systems to take OVER Responsibility for the needs of people, projects, and the planet – and we have willingly put way too much on our shoulders and backs, often as an unconscious way to deal with our fear, feelings of being undervalued, and not enough (no matter how outwardly successful things may look).

Consider this: What might have been in alignment to take responsibility for or embrace ownership of as your part, may not be in balance now or going forward.

Wisdom: The systems (both those you create, and those you work and live within) will take everything you give them, and there will still be more to give.

So… until we take a stand of self-advocacy + stop filling the gaps and taking more and more of the burden and responsibility, there is no incentive for anything to change … in your work, team, family, friends, marriage, projects, even the things you care deeply about on the planet.


Which is why we will dive deeper in Ep 235: Releasing OVER-Responsibility. Embracing Enough. (#3 of 3 in Burnout to Balance Series)

Where are you taking OVER responsibility for:

  • The people in your life – personally or professionally – individually or community?
  • The projects you created or ones that were given to you?
  • The needs of the planet – as important as they are and as passionate as you feel, you know you are holding way too much of the burden or responsibility?

And then go deeper to reveal…

  • What is your part?
  • What is not your part?
  • What may be your part but you are not sure?
  • What are you afraid will happen (or not happen) if you step back or release?

Then we end with a two ways to make it practical in your life now … see wisdom inquires below. Tune in!

With heart


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Ep 235: Releasing OVER-Responsibility. Embracing Enough.

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Action : To balance the imbalance — What can I Start? Stop? Shift?
Practice: Self-Sustainability Stands

  • I consider what is needed and what I have to/desire to give before I proceed.
  • If the support and space is not there, I am not moving forward at full-speed.
  • I stay in co-creation to reveal and proceed on the wise, harmonious path.
  • I stay present to the real needs and stay focused on my part.
  • I remember Grace is at the center of all challenges.
  • I glide from Grace. I move from strength.



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