99: Making Wise Choices: Cultivate Your Wisdom Council

Making Wise Choices: Cultivate Your Wisdom Council Feminine Power Time Episode #99 #1 OF 3 IN THE MAKING WISE CHOICES SERIES Tune in through the Player Above. Tune in on ITUNES Here. OR Tune in [...]


Dream Come True Today – Self Love School Opens!

Hi love… i almost didn’t send you this letter today but after sitting with Noah and feeling into what was true, here I am in your inbox, with something that is so near and dear to my [...]


You Are Making A Difference – Feel it & Believe it.

Download this episode of Feminine Super Time from Itunes or Stitcher, or scroll down if you can’t see the full player here. You are making a difference – really, I know you are. So [...]


4 Steps to Transform Self Sabotage & Self Sacrifice into Self Love

Why can it be so hard to make the self supportive, self empowering, self loving choice in our relationships, work, health and happiness? Why do we default to self-sabotage and self-sacrifice? [...]


How to Find the Light Admist the Struggle… so you can rise!

Yesterday morning at 5am I awoke to the lunar eclipse, on the full moon, during Passover, the day before Easter – talk about super power spiritual energy! And for two hours I watched this [...]


Finding the Stillness in the Holiday Swirl

Three super power tools for making sure you don’t give all your energy away this holiday – holiday stress relief that works! It’s December, so what do us crazy humans do? Run [...]


Why Visionary Women Need Time to Vision Quest Every Year

  What is a Vision Quest and Why Do We Visionary Women Need to Quest?   Hello beautiful visionary revolutionary woman – As far as we can tell, we visionaries are different [...]


Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back & FLY!

I have a question for you today, and it’s important. Really important. So important that I am going to ask you to take 5 minutes right now to watch this video I taped for you – this [...]


Use Fear to Create MORE Love

Wherever this finds you today, I am bringing you a big boost of the energy to tap into… see past those fear feelings and connect into the power of what love can give you. (And I invited the [...]


Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Steal Your Dreams or Gifts for the world

Inside of you are offerings that you want to give to the world this year — and we want you to give them. We need you to give them – because you are the only one who can. And [...]

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