Why Is It So Hard to Make Self-Caring, Sustaining Choices? Burnout to Balance Imprint #6

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Why is it so hard to make self-caring, self-sustaining choices> Why do we feel guilty when we make choices to take care of our needs? What’s one thing you have the power to change that can take you from burnout to balance?

Did you ever wonder why we have all this information about how to stay healthy, set boundaries, get rest and sleep, yet we continually give away our time, energy, resources and mindshare like banks that only give withdrawls vs. take in deposits?

In this post + video, we will start to answer this question by illuminating a cultural unconscious imprint most of us have no idea is driving us to make daily choices that lead to burnout and overwhelm. And then give you an alternative to replace this old way of working and giving to others that is not longer working

Look at this Glyph below, from Chapter 6 in Overwhelmed and Over It. On the left you will see the imprint most women received – It’s Better to Give THAN Receive – which causes us to give like banks that never take in enough deposits, or who never retain the deposits we receive, but instead give as soon as we receive.

The result, we bankrupt ourselves internally mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

We OVER give our energy, life force, time, mindshare and care and UNDER receive what we need to stay centered, sustained and supportive  – so no matter how many pilates classes we go to or time management systems we employ, we will never be able to thrive.


Then look at the imprint on the right – this is the new imprint for working, living, leading, and succeeding that actually enables us to prosper and thrive. It is better to give AND receive. One word switch and a big shift in consciousness and we start making different decisions in small everyday and big life + career + relationship ways.

In this video clip, which is from the Overwhelmed and Over It: Path to Sustainable Wellbeing + Success Program, I will share one internal shift you can make that will take you from Burnout to Balance, including:

  • * The 7 word imprint that makes it so hard to receive support
  • * Questions that help you see where you are ‘bankrupting yourself”
  • * A new model for receiving what you need + supporting others that doesn’t lead to burnout.
  • A somatic exercise so you can really feel how your internal operating system and relationship to giving to work, others, projects is out of whack.
  • A new equation that empowers you to Receive & Retain enough time, energy, life force for yourself. So you can show up as the powerful, centered presence you are.

Tune into this wisdom teaching, one in the series “Beyond Burnout & Overwhelm” which comes from Christine Arylo’s Path to Sustainable Success programs.

Christine works with organizations, individuals, leaders and teams as a leadership and team coach and teacher and a catalyst for personal, systemic, and social change. Her elevated approach to burnout prevention, sustainable work and success models, and wellbeing & resiliency get to the ROOT vs. treat the symptom – leading to change that sticks.


Ways to Go Deeper

The Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice: Reset Your System + Rhythm to Stay Centered + Sustained

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Check out the Overwhelmed & Over It Book


Tune into this Feminine Power Time Podcast
to start revealing where you are OverGiving+UnderReceiving=Burnout



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