Align to Your Design: Your Part + Your Gift + Your Career Path

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Feminine Power Time:
Your Part + Your Gift + Your Career Path
(#1 of 3 in the Align to Your Design Series)

What is your “design?” What does that even mean? And why does knowing and having language for your innate design and the evolution of your design have everything to do with having a north star for how you make decisions in what you do, and how you do it in every part of your life?

This is not about what color your parachute is, or a what your sun sign is (although fun to know, these surface level dips into ourselves are not the same about understanding the depth and full tapesty and spectrum of your design).

Consider this: Every body is different. Our dharma, our karma, our gifts, our paths, our lessons, our self expression. Yet, when it comes to career, lifestyle, wellbeing, money, relationships, we are shown images, prescriptions, expectations for success vs. taught how to tune into and stay true to our unique design.

So of course, wouldn’t it be wise to know as much as we can about our design? So the paths we choose and the choices we make create the sustainable realities that create the environments that are essential for our unique wellbeing and sense of meaning?

Yes 🙂 Which is why we’re embarking on this 3-part series: Align to Your Design, where we explore Career, Life, Wellbeing & Leadership Design on a deeper level.

Where your design and your desires meet is the key to the focus for the next phase and cycle of your path. 

The first episode focuses on Career, Vocation and Your Work in the World, and sharing elevated language, metaphors, inquiries and stories to open up your mind and tap more deeply into your design, now.

We will set up the full series with a wisdom teaching on getting off the Do More Be More Rat Race, and back to the operating system of Choosing What’s Right for You.

Here’s the 3 parts we’ll explore and bring into your life now in practical ways to 

  1. Career –  Your Path.
  2. Vocation – Your Part.
  3. Gifts –  Your Presence

We’ll also explore your Polymathic nature … a different way to think about Purpose … why what you feel called to doesn’t always come true … the difference between putting livelihood and money at the center of our careers.

Join me for episode #217: Your Part + Your Gift + Your Career Path: Align to Your Design

See you there!


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  1. Career – Looking back at my career path, what experience, expertise, wisdom do I have that I can and will always take with me?
  2. Career – Looking back, what parts of my career path have felt good, enlivening? Which have drained me? What does that tell me about the environments I need to be in?
  3. Vocation – What is at the center of my work in the world? What are my current assigments?
  4. Vocation – What is my part to play in the primary relationships in my life right now?  Personally? Professionally? What’s the common theme?
  5. Vocation – What parts have I been playing that it may be time to release or redesign?
  6. Gifts – What am I naturally good or that I do naturally and easefully, that I think everyone else is good at too, but really it’s one of my gifts? What’s the subtle gift behind the expression of it?


Align to Your Design: Your Part + Your Gift + Your Career Path

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