How to Reveal the Invisible Patterns Within You Ripe for Breakthrough

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Breaking Through Patterns: Reveal the Invisible Patterns Within You Ripe for Breakthrough
(#1 of 3 in Series)

Shadow patterns. Self limiting imprints. Sabotaging cycles and habits. That we just can’t shake or seem to breakthrough…. or maybe we just haven’t had the holsitic approach and wisdom and tools to get to the roots of where the “shadow frequency” keeps us stuck in cycles that no longer serve us. Or maybe we’ve been working these patterns for decades, and we are now ready to truly break free + breakthrough.

In this series: The Power & Practice to See + Breakthrough Patterns We No Longer Need, the last in our 8th season, we will take a 3-part journey to give you insight, wisdom and tools to:

  1.  See and NAME the patterns that no longer serve you, and that are ready to release to you can elevate into the next expression of your career, relationships, wellbeing, expression, relationships, wealth — because it’s time!
  2. Break Apart the Old + Breakthrough to the New – breakthrough takes time and structure and focus, for which there are simple models and practices you can use.
  3. Share the Common Collective Patterns Up For Breakthrough  – so you can surf with all of us to a better, elevated way vs. getting pulled under 🙂

Consider this: You can’t change what you cannot see or don’t have language for. And if you are not consciously working with the unconscious imprints within you, they are working you!

So let’s embrace our power to transmute (elevate the frequency of) the patterns that may have served us at one time… and are not ready to be composted, with gratitude.



Let’s go deeper into these invisible patterns – Tune in to #1 of 3: How to See & Name the Invisible Patterns Within You Ripe for Breakthrough…

Where we set up the series + start to illuminate where to start looking for the patterns ready to come up and out of the shadow. 

And join us for this year’s annual 40-Day From Burnout to Balance Practice –  

Here are some places to start looking 

  • Where am I chasing, hoping, holding on, frustrated, resentful, pushing, struggling, proving, begging?
  • Where am I OVER-giving and UNDER-receiving — time, energy, money, care, mindshare?
  • Who are the commong types of people I find myself in relationship with – personal and/or professional – that don’t feel good, are imbalanced, or trigger me to chase, hope, frustrate…etc?
  • What cycles keep repeating? In my relationships, work, finances, health? That may have a “blip” up, and shift slightly but not significant enough to make a true difference or be in alignment with what I desire, need and require.

See you there!

p.s. Remember to SHARE this podcast with at least one friend or colleague. And then share the insights you have around the patterns ready and ripe for breakthrough. 



How to Reveal the Invisible Patterns Ripe for Breakthrough
#1 in 3 Breaking Through Patterns No Longer Serve You Series  


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