Self Love: Are We Missing It?

What is self love, really? And how do you know if a lack of self love is at the root of what you  & those you love are struggling with? Every year at this time for the past 11 years since I [...]


To Be a Mother or Not To Be? That is Not the Question… a feminine power time

To Be a Mother or Not to Be? That is not the question. At some point in her life every woman is faced with the question of whether she will have children or not have children. It’s a very [...]


My Self-Care Saviour – The Super Power Self Care Practice + Feminine Wisdom That Saves Me From Burnout Everyday

Feed the Feminine First – The Super Power Self Care Practice + Feminine Wisdom that Saves Me From Burnout Everyday I am a big fan of taking care of yourself. I love that we finally live in [...]


The Lie About Time – why it’s killing us + what feminine wisdom says to do instead

The Lie About Time -why it is killing us + what feminine wisdom says to do instead I have never met a woman who does not desire more space in her life – for herself, for spending time with [...]


Spring Equinox Meditation – Super Power for Focusing Your Life Force on What Matters

Spring Equinox Meditation – Super Power for Focusing Your Life Force on What Matters The March Equinox is one of the 4 most powerful times of the year to press pause on the outside world, [...]


Reboot Your System – Spring Forward with Feminine Wisdom

Reboot Your System: Feminine Wisdom For Resetting Your Internal System at Spring Equinox I love the arrival of Spring Equinox – the re-balancing point between the winter and the summer seasons [...]


Vitality for Victory: Do You have the Energy You Need to Thrive?

Feminine Wisdom to Stay Strong + Make Sure You Have the Energy Needed to Thrive I’ve been thinking ALOT about how we can stay “strong” as we head into this coming year. Did you [...]


Self Care Super Power: Two Simple Practices to Keep Your Energy Tanks Full

Watch this divine spark for your heart – a big permission slip to take care of yourself + two simple but mighty practices that will make that possible in your day to day Here’s the [...]


Would You Like a Better Relationship with Your Body? 4 ways to treat your body as a temple instead of a slave

This past summer, I took part in a survey that asked women what they were hardest on themselves about, 78% said their body. While sad, probably not a shocker to you. Let’s face it, we are [...]


Are You Starting Your Day Trashing Your Temple?

The other day I was talking with one of my long-time clients… a fellow recovering achievement junkie like myself, who was totally stoked about the new job he landed recently – a [...]

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