Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice – Reset Your System & Rhythm to Stay Centered & Sustained

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The Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice – Starts April 2024 – For over a decade, I’ve been offering a 40-Day Practice at this time of the year — the best time to shift micro-habits, patterns and mindsets and explore practices, wisdom & new ways of working, living & relating.

Why? Each year it provides new insights & breakthroughs + resets & elevates our habits & patterns.

During the Burnout to Balance 40 day practice we:

ONE: Gain Self-Awareness of the Roots Driving You to Self-Sacrifice, Get Swirled Up, Work Too Hard & Give Too Much. Release, Unlearn + Elevate out of these.

TWO: Learn & Experiment with Wisdom-Based Practices that Work with your Dynamic Life & Create Focus and a Sustainable Pace, even in the Intensity of Today’s World

THREE: Complete with a “Balance Backpack”: Practices, Tools & Self-Awareness You’ll have to Re-Center & Stay Clear and Calm, even in the Swirl.

Change your habits. Change your life. Elevate your awareness. Embrace your power.

Join us this April!

Learn more and register at www.burnouttobalance.com.

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