Welcome to this part of my website, which will give you an idea of how I work with individuals, groups and organizations as a women’s leadership advisor, coach & consultant, a transformational speaker, teacher, & mentor, and the founder of a feminine wisdom school.

As a catalyst and guide for personal, social, and systemic transformation I work best with people who desire to reach their full potential and impact… show up as their most powerful & radiant presence… live in alignment and with purpose… in ways that sustain them.

I guide leaders and the people they lead and influence within their organizations to cultivate their inner vitality, wisdom, intuition, courage, compassion, and confidence and as a result become their most powerful presence within the systems they work, live and love within.

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Feminine leadership empowers women from the inside out to: access and trust their internal intuitive power… activate both their compassion and courage… move out of burnout and overwhelm into focus and vitality… illuminate and innovate new solutions and ways of working… be powerful presences and catalysts for change in ways that collaborate instead of dominate.

Feminine leadership creates a harmony within to give a leader: access to the full spectrum of their masculine and feminine power – driven and focused and also moving with the flow…. rational and intellectual and also highly intuitive and visionary… providing for their families and taking care of what and who they love without sacrificing themselves… cultivating courage and compassion on the inside so they can be voices of wisdom and clarity, leading people to new possibilities on how we can lead our businesses, lives, and families and create structures and systems that create the world we desire.

To the individuals and organizations I work with: I bring a unique set of experiences together: traditional leadership training and experience (as an MBA who has worked with and for some of the best brands and companies – Gap Inc, PepsiCo, and Visa) – with 20+ years of training in ‘wisdom-based’ traditions and human consciousness modalities such as  yogic science, meditation, indigenous earth wisdom, feminine archetypes, and more.  

I work with women, men and non-binary emerging and established leaders:

  • 1:1 as a personal leadership & wisdom advisor and transformational coach – working on all realms physical, emotional, relational, and mental
  • Leading women’s leadership & transformational programs – with a focus on inner transformation (where shift that sticks happens) and connection among peers and leaders to elevate their presence, strengthen their resilience and clarity, and work in new ways that make them more productive, less stressed because they are using both their masculine and feminine skills and have the elevated mindset to make wiser choices
  • Day or half day workshops on topics as stand alone or within existing leadership programs – built to be interactive, transformative, personally insightful and also create a stronger connection with others in the organization, such as:
    • Transforming Burnout into Balance – creating a more sustainable and successful reality for yourself + your team
    • Intuitive Leadership – Accessing your Inner Wisdom to make better choices
    • Focus & Flow – The art of focusing your life force on what matters most, saying no to the rest, and as a result creating less stress and more success.
    • Fierce Grace, The Power of Feminine Presence – Moving Beyond Presenting, Proving and Pleasing to Becoming Your Most Powerful Presence
    • Stay S.T.R.O.N.G.: Practices for creating inner resilience, courage, vitality and clarity to meet challenges, rise through conflict, release stress and embrace new opportunities

“When I work with individuals and groups, we focus on the inner transformation – information and skill based training without the inner transformation tends to lead to short term shift that doesn’t stick.

Inner transformation + putting powerful wisdom tools into use on a day to day basis, with support and guidance along the way, leads to shift that sticks and is what elevates a person from a good worker with potential to a great leader who inspires and influences by their very presence.”

Scroll below to see upcoming trainings or if you interested in exploring a program, talk or workshop for you company email Christine at

Elevate Banner Feminine Leadership Councils


For women choosing to influence the systems from the inside out.

Councils run for a full year cycle from October to September.
We are currently running the 2021/22 Council.
Applications for 2022/23 will open in July 2022.

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For emerging or established women leaders who are influencing change through their work, organizations and presence. And who would love to receive focused support and structure, and a deeper access and aptitude to apply feminine wisdom and power to create sustainable, significant change, in ways that sustain her to thrive.

To inquire, contact Christine at

karin bauerChristine fearlessly guided me to go beyond what I thought was possible to expand my vision of my self and purpose. This process is not for the faint of heart, or for those who just want to paint inside the lines. She’s like a personal trainer for catalyzing spiritual discovery, expansion, and manifestation in people who are ready to accept that possibility and make it real. Christine has guided me to come into my own as a feminine leader and has given me practical tools to create my life from a place of wisdom, grounded intuition and passionate activism.

– Karin Bauer, MBA, Ph.D.c Angel Investor and Advisor

gretchen bladekI had been in the corporate world for so long that a lot of my thinking around success and leadership pulled from the “do more model” which led me to over-work and burn out. Christine taught me about the power and strength that comes from living in alignment and flow. She helped me see feminine leadership in a new light, and see that the strong female leaders I admired had qualities that I also possess. If you want to grow, open your mind, deepen your spiritual connection, quiet the inner critic inside of you and live the wildly authentic life you were meant to live – then Christine is a powerful mentor.

– Gretchen Bladek, Technology Consultant




One of the biggest reasons I have been able to accelerate my  personal and career growth the way I have is because of the mentors I’ve had along the way – and still do. And because I have sought out personal transformation experiences to support me in being the most powerful, clear, wise presence I can be so I can have the impact I desire in my work, the world, my family and community, stay true to my path and continue to stay vital and healthy.

I believe at times of personal growth, big shift or when we hit a place where we can’t see ahead for ourselves, but just know a shift is needed, proactively choosing to transform with the support of someone with access to wisdom, the ability to hold space, who can both catalyze and help you gain inner strength and clarity within something we need, not because we are weak, but because we are wise.

Which is why I every year I offer two advanced mentorship programs – one in the spring focused on personal transformation and re-calibration and the other in the fall focused on your feminine leadership presence and purpose and elevating and growing the impact of your work, the feminine way.

I also offer in personal retreats one day and weekend retreats for people who need to step out of their daily lives to gain clarity and wisdom for illuminating the path ahead.

Here’s more information, including how to contact me to discuss the opportunity of working personally together:



A Wisdom School that gives you Structure + Support + Sisterhood.

Learn to live, lead, succeed the way women naturally work best.

HARMONIZE & RISE: Transformation Personal Mentorship Experience

I open up space in my Harmonize 1:1 Transformational Mentorship program usually twice a year, which is a 4 month personalized transformational path. This is for those ready to catalyze themselves & their lives, to align their lives, work and relationships with their heart & soul, to balance their feminine power and masculine drive, and to deepen their spiritual practice & access so all parts of your life are thriving.

For more information contact my assistant Melissa Zimmer at

jen toddThe way Christine uses her intuition, spiritual connection and divine guidance, and presence is inspiring and amazing. I can always count on her to ZOOM right into the real deeper issue of what’s holding me back or see and reflect back the light and vision in me that I can’t put words on yet. She always holds me and sees me in my greatest potential, which reminds me of WHO I REALLY AM. Christine has taught me about the value and power of the feminine side of leadership and life. I honestly had no idea when I first started working with her that I had repressed that part of me so deeply. Working in corporate America for so long, moving up the ranks and then starting my own business, I only knew one way of succeeding. Now that I have cultivated the feminine side of leading, I work differently, I coach differently and leading is easier and so much more impactful.

– Jen Todd, CEO, Breakthrough Partners Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of the Women of Pokot & Value Girls Globally

amyjo mattheisChristine is and will always be one of the mentors who rocked my world so that I can rock the world too. If you are seeking real change that is all encompassing, then Christine is for you. This is not compartmentalized mentoring. This touches all parts of you. Through Christine, I received practices that changed how I work, plan, engage and show up. She guided me to see my wisdom and special gifts to give to the world.

– AmyJo Mattheis, Executive Director of Sacred Feminine Non Profit

belo scavalos arylo wisdom sessionChristine thank you for orchestrating such a magnificent transformation & transition for me!  What a brilliant and profoundly impactful experience.  The experience showed me the path to Integration, Elevation, and Illumination on the next steps of my leadership and personal journey – mission accomplished!
– Eric Severson, Chief People Officer

Connect with Me.
If you’d like to talk with me about leadership or personal transformation coaching or retreats reach out to my assistant Melissa at and we will set up some time to talk.


when women come together, shift happens

I lead women’s retreats for conscious women who desire to grow, expand and embody their powerful presence and feminine wisdom because something more happens when you gather with other women together that is hard to create on your own:

  • We gain access to wisdom we could not access on our own.
  • We gain clarity about our path in ways because we reflect for each other.
  • We gain courage and confidence because we no longer feel alone.
  • We strengthen ourselves from the inside out because our feminine power is amplified by being in the presence of other daring and courageous wise women.

Plus stepping outside of your day –to-day life and into a transformational circle for a specific period of time is like spiritual dynamite – it opens up possibility and makes shift possible faster in more supportive ways.

I have been holding retreats in person for over a decade, and have been using online technology to hold hybrid online/in-person retreats for many  years. People tell us that how we do retreats – with them rooted at home and Christine creating the space and hub from her island home off the coast of Seattle – is like nothing they’ve ever experienced. 

“Christine’s online retreats for women do not feel at all like an “online” event – so much more sacred than other things I’ve attended. It was so nice to be in the comfort of my own home and to set things up the way I wanted to. It elevated the sacredness of my space.” – Jesse, Arizona, MFT 

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Spring Retreat: Sovereign Woman. Sacred Partnership.

April 2022 – Ador Wood Farms outside of Austin, TX

If you have questions, reach out to Melissa Zimmer our retreat director at 


teams that pause to relfect, celebrate +
refocus throughout the year work wiser,
perform better + stay motivated

Team Reflection & Re-calibration Sessions

Teams that pause throughout the year to reflect on what has occurred on a personal level, team level and business level to celebrate and illuminate the wisdom stay more productive and focused on what matters.

They are also able to prioritize and be nimble to meet the realities of the marketplace and the world and adjust their personal and team focuses as a result to be more effective, feel more successful and connected and as result waste less time and resources on projects that don’t have a high return from a profit or person stand point.

Using a proprietary technology based on ancient wisdom and modern day business, that illuminates wisdom to make better more wise choices about life force and resources, during these times of the year, we can do a half day or one day team retreat that will give ROI all year long:

  • March/April – HARMONIZE: Set the structures and support to make sure you have the resources, relationships and rhythms to be successful without sacrificing your personal wellness
  • June – F.L.O.W. – Focus your life force on what matters – what is going to give you the biggest return personally and as a business if you put your energy, time and resources there?
  • December: SUPER POWER PAUSE – Reflection, Celebration + Get Clear for the New Year – Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, release the disappointments, get focused on what to complete this year and clear the mental space to start the new year.

Bringing Christine in to our Women Leadership Training to take a year-end Super Power Pause gave our high potential leaders the gift of being able to focus completely on themselves and learn a valuable life skill. They learned how to take stock of what they’ve achieved and practiced supporting each other to recognize all they had accomplished.

— VP of HR, Technology Company, San Francisco

Many of our women leaders are so focused on accomplishments that they rarely celebrate their accomplishments – Christine was a catalyst to change that. Her year-end super power pause really engaged our members and many kept discussing and doing the exercises in smaller groups after, creating more connection with each other.

— Women Leaders In Technology, Bay Area Chapter


If you can do anything for 40-days
You can change your life.

Whenever I found myself at place in my life where I was stuck, repeating patterns, or not able to elevate to level I could feel inside, but couldn’t shift on the outside, I created a 40-day practice to breakthrough, and it worked, so I started teaching these practices to people around the world, and now thousands of people have broken through. One of the reasons you can’t make the shifts you want in your life is because of the unconscious beliefs, set points, and fears running your internal operating system. When you aren’t aware of something, you can’t change it, because you can’t see it.

Based on both ancient spiritual wisdom and scientific technology, each 40-day practice illuminates the programming running your internal operational system and then putting simple but mighty practices into place into your day to day life, shift starts to occur, and your internal programming – beliefs, patterns, habits, choices – get an upgrade that sticks.

Why 40 days? Because yogis, metaphysicians and scientists agree that is the amount of time it takes to break a self sabotaging pattern and begin to re-establish new self supportive, self empowering one on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Not 21 days. Not 28 or 30. It’s 40.

Why a 40-day practice? When you are held within a ‘container’ that has specific intention with specific practices that you put to practice in your daily life you are less likely to give up on yourself. Just like when you go to an exercise class, you are more likely to do the entire class. When you do a 40 day practice with me, you are way more likely to stay committed and devoted to yourself.

The yogis say the first step to happiness is commitment and if you want to change your life, change your patterns.

burnout to balance




for those who desire to more
powerfully and masterfully
guide and lead others

Gather & Guide Your People


A Feminine Leadership Training, Creative Catalyst & Collaborative Council
for people who do or desire to create potent experiences -
workshops, programs, classes, circles, events, retreats – online and in person – 
that lead to real connection & lasting transformation… AND sustain you.

Next Session: November 2022 – To receive notification when enrollment opens, go to 

path of self love web banner

Path of Self Love Teacher Training
& Certificate Program.

For those who desire to more masterfully and powerfully teach and guide others using a proven technology of self-love – to use to amplify and strengthen your existing practice and teachings or to use as a catalyst to more visibly and fully share your gifts with the world. This is for those who believe in the power of self love and would love practical, proven ways to share it.

We’ve trained therapists, teachers, coaches, facilitators, parents, and people who want practical, proven processes they can use in their work to guide others.  We’ve been teaching self-love since 2008, and have trained people on 6 continents.

In 2022. are currently only offering our Self Love Essentials 12-week Training which runs late September through December 7th. You can learn more here.

If you would like to be notified of our 2022 Trainings – go here and let us know where to contact you via email.

We also work with organizations who serve women and girls, and with schools, to develop customized curriculum for their communities. Including organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Girls Inc., charter schools, and more. You can learn more at

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