Where Are You OverGiving and UnderReceiving? Re-Setting the Imbalances

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Where Are You OverGiving and UnderReceiving? Re-Setting the Imbalances
(#2 of 3 in From Burnout to Balance Series)

Many of us operate like banks that give more withdrawls than deposits, resulting in imbalances in our relationships, wellbeing, money, jobs, businesses and projects that lead to undue suffering, struggle, and sacrifice. This is called overgiving and underreceiving.

We OVERgive – time, energy, resources, care, and mindshare — to projects, people, our passion and our purpose. We UNDERReceive the time, energy, resources, care and mindshare we need and desire. As a result, eventually we burnout, become resentful, get sick and discouraged, or quit.

We don’t SEE the imbalance or the ways we OVEReffort, work, extend, etc. until we get to the drama, distress or dis-ease.

One of the breakthroughs I discovered in all my research around burnout and sustainable success and wellbeing is that we don’t have to wait until the extreme imbalance hits our bodies, beings, bank accounts, relationships or brains. 

We can use the power of Cyclical Living to pause (usually around March Equinox) and take a look around our life, work, relational, & wellbeing design, illuminate the imbalances, and then take simple but significant steps to make shift happen.

Wisdom: If you can reveal the specific ways you overgive, you become empowered to shift the imbalances.


Let’s go deeper into these invisible imbalances with Ep 234: Where Are You OVERGiving & UNDERReceiving? Where we dive into: 

Where are you:

  • Giving more than is needed?
  • Giving more than is in harmony?
  • Giving more than you can afford to give?
  • Over extending? Over compensating? Over efforting?

And then go deeper to reveal…

  • Which OVERgiving imprints are running you, and where are the roots? Then you can make shifts that liberate you from patterns that don’t serve anymore.
  • Practices to re-wire the giving/receiving equations & expectations so the exchanges stay in balance vs become imbalanced.

Think of this as personal leadership & wellbeing practice you can do every year in March – to pause and illuminate the invisible imbalances.

I do this survey of the landscape of my life, projects, relationships, purpose and work every year, because every year there is a new insight and something new to work with that supports me to do and see things differently. Tune in!

With heart


p.s. TWO REQUESTS to help share the wisdom and connect with others.

— Share this with a friend and share your OVERgiving Imprints. Then you can support each other by giving each other permission to take the action that gets your giving and receiving into balance.

— Leave a review with words that share why you listen or what others could expect. Thank you



Where Are You OverGiving & UnderReceiving
#2 of 3 in From Burnout to Balance Series 

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  1. From Burnout to Balance 40 Day Practice – starts in March  
  2. Align to Your Design – Career & Life Design Mentoring & Consulting with Christine – https://christinearylo.com/align-to-your-design-career-leadership-mentorship/







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