The Magic of Letting Go: 5Gs for Releasing with Grace

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Feminine Power Time:
The Magic of Letting Go
5Gs for Releasing with Grace

Imagine a world in which in addition to math, we and all children were taught about how to work with and apply magic to our day to day lives. Not to pull coins out of our ears, or cast spells on people, but the TRUE meaning and energy of magic.

In this world, people know, trust and value tuning into the subtle realms of insight, feeling, senses, intuition, grace – things we can’t see with our eyes but we for sure feel with our bodies and hearts. In this world, synchroncity is the flow for how we roll. No pushing rocks up hills or over-asserting wlll to make stuff happen.

When we work with true magic, the elements work with us and with us to create more ease, alignment and grace, even in the tricky, challenging parts. 

You know here at Feminine Power Time we are not waiting for others to create this world, we are choosing to re-imagine, re-design and co-create the realities we know are possible now…. which can also be tricky and challenging.

Magic helps us notice and recognize patterns.

One pattern I see is how many of us are experiencing the call to / need to LET GO and RELEASE things – relationships to others, to organziations, to how we do things, how we think, where we live, how we live, what we do for work, how we communicate, etc (also tricky and challenging …. hear the theme?)

As we get the call to release the old, what no longer serves, what needs to shift, etc. we often resist and struggle, we can get lost and confused, we can give up defeated, and waste alot of life force.

SO how about this … Tune into Feminine Power Time Episode #224: The Magic of Letting Go: The 5Gs for Releasing with Grace.  (#1 of 3 in Practical Magic Series). 

  • I thought, it’s time for a call in the Magic … to show us how we can go through changes where we must let go of what has been to be open to receiving the new (takes oodles of trust).
  • Bring whatever shift, change, letting go is showing up for you.
  • We’ll go through 5Gs of Releasing with Grace, in ways that keep you centered in the now, while living into the next.

See you there! 


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