POWER PAUSE: Fiercely Claim & Create Space for What Matters to You (Part 2 of 2)

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Feminine Power Time:
POWER PAUSE: Fiercely Claim & Create Space for What Matters to You
(Part #2 of 2)

The third part of any power pause is always about gaining clarity about what REALLY matters to you, so you and Realign and Refocus. When I say what matters, what I mean is what matters in your heart, spirit and body (the mind is not helpful in this realm, because it’s job is to sort, it does not sense into what is real, aligned or life-energizing for you.)

What became so evident to me in my research around the roots of burnout, overwhelm, workstyle bias, & self-sacrifice and the real path to creating sustainable success & whole lives that foster true wellbeing is this:

Most people make the mistake of focusing on finding more time – “If I just had more time. I need to find time. When I have more time…”  This will only keep you in scarcity, lack and slaving away to the now.

The Wise ones know that the super power is in Creating SPACE within our NOW to co-create the next. 

Which is exactly what I am going to guide you through in Part 2 of the Equinox Power Pause – although you can do this anytime and work with the next 3-4 month cycle ahead.

I will lead us through a 3-inquiry (plus bonus one) process, including visualization and meditation so you can really FEEL into your heart what matters and

  • Stay present to what is happening in your NOW so you can savor what you are harvesting, and truly find joy and feel fulfilled in the process
  • Name what is wanting and needing to shift, so you can make space for the next, in your now
  • Name WHAT you desire space for – give specific heart felt  language to it and then CLAIM that space with fierce self-advocacy
  • Put the structure and support in place + name the next few steps to make this space a reality that you get to PLAY in!

See you there!

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POWER PAUSE: Fiercely Claim & Create Space for What Matters to You

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Wisdom Inquires from Power Pause 

Write these out and contemplate them or conversate with a freind. Considering the cycle you chose – 3 or 4 months

  1. Stay Present – What do you desire to stay present to in this next cycle (3 or 4 months), to receive the harvest now while creating the next?
  2. Shfit – What is calling for a shift this next cycle, starting now? Look in these areas: What is calling for attention? What pattern or habit needs to shift? What way of working is no longer in alignment / is not working? Where are there imbalances in your giving and receiving?
  3. What really matters to you to create SPACE for in this next cycle? NAME it to Claim it.
  4. Claim the space by getting clear on:: What structure is needed / would hold me and create an incubator for me? What support would help me stay true to this desire & keep focus on it & make it fun? What are the next steps?




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