Time Magic: The Power & Practice of Moving from Productivity to Creativity

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Feminine Power Time: Time Magic
The Power & Practice of Moving from Productivity to Creativity

Imagine a world in which creativity, beauty, collaboration, & wellbeing were the major values of the society we lived in. A culture that by nature was efficient, created sufficiency for all, and kept itself in balance & harmony.

Stay with me … this is not a fairy tale or pollyana dream …. I am talking about humans choosing to create societies, systems, businesses, industries, etc. that mimic how the natural world (and we as part of it) thrive and grow best.

Wisdom: Humans made the systems that make up our culture, which means we have the power to create different systems, rooted in healthier values, to create a culture that can work for all. This starts with our own choices and voices, and then within the families, teams, and ecosystems we influence.

Not easy … for sure a challenge… but possible. 

In the realm of magic, there are these things called “rings pass not” — sticking points that keep you stuck in a reality. To get out of the reality that no longer works, you have to illuminate (see) to liberate (free) to elevate (create).

TIME is a top ring pass not … that can become a “power point.” A power point is a focus point that if we take our “muggle glasses” off (that see through smudgy lenses of fear, scarcity & greed) and put on our “magical spectacles” (that see things clearly) empower us to do things differently.

When we see clearly, we can locate where we have the power to distrupt the current reality, transform & shift the sh$# that keeps us stuck, and then co-create a different reality and world. Starting with small every day ways.

Wisdom: “When you change your relationship to time, you’ll not only be more productive, you’ll become more empowered to create the space you need and crave. The Wise Ones know the truth about time and the secrets to creating space, and we choose to work with both. ” 

Tune into Feminine Power Time Episode #225: Time Magic: The Power & Practice of Moving from Producitivity to Creativity  (#2 of 3 in Practical Magic Series).

I will walk you through a series of R’s this week – wisdom + practices – for how to free yourself from the time matrix rooted in a culture obsessed with producitivity to a more natural way to get stuff done + savor your life along the way.

  • Moving from Routine to Rhythm 
  • Moving From the Efficiency & Functionality Wasteland to the Creativity & Connectivity Well of Being 
  • Moving from Fabricated Time Pressure to Flow  
  • Moving from Time Scarcity to Space Sufficiency
  • Plus meditations to get you tuned into your subtle body and magic sensors 

See you there! 



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