Feminine Wisdom for Intense & Changing Times: Preparing Ourselves for the Now & Next

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Feminine Power Time #189:
Feminine Wisdom for Intense & Changing Times
Preparing Ourselves for the Now & Next

About two to three times a year, I feel the call to do one of these Feminine Wisdom for Intense and Changing Times sessions – where we take a pause, put our wise woman / wise being glasses on and take a deeper look at what is going on in the Field (the bigger collective world) and in our field (our own inner experiences, relationships and reality.)

So we can see what is real, what is needed, what the patterns are, and find the wisdom to navigate the now and the next.

This session was taped live during the time span between July 25th and August 8th which is always a powerful time to elevate and expand your consciousness … and liberate yourself from stuff you just don’t want to carry with you or create from (you can google Mayan Day Out of Time, Lammas, Leo New Moon, or 8 8 Lions Gate to learn more).

The intention of our exploration is to give you perspectives & practices to prepare you for the now and the next.

Some of the wisdom models, practices and tools we’ll work with are:

  • Triangle of Transformation
  • Sovereignty in the Swirl
  • This is not that
  • Co-Create from Momentum and Intention
  • Be aware of the now and what’s needed, AND keep the long game in mind. Put energy in both.
  • Focus on your part and your design. If you are not clear, create this space to get clear this year.
  • EOE – Evidence of Elevation
  • EOM – Evidence of Momentum

Lots of good wisdom to share – that’s all I am going to say here. Tune in for more.



Feminine Wisdom for Intense & Changing Times
Preparing Ourselves for the Now & Next

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