161: Your Power to Catalyze: Release the comfortable. Embrace the call to shift.

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Feminine Power Time #161: The Feminine Super Power to Catalyze

Where you ever taught about the Feminine Power to Catalyze? I sure was not, nor were most of the people I know. Which is why we are here today, with a wisdom lesson and session on this really potent power we all  have within us.

You and I have the super power to consciously choose to catalyze ourselves vs. wait to be catalyzed the a big Universal 2×4.

We have the power to work with the catalyzing energy happening on our planet right now in a way that supports and serves us and others vs. overwhelming us. But like any super power, if you can’t name it and articulate it, you can’t wield its power.

The feminine super power of catalyze is: the power to use the situations that life brings you as liberators and elevators that lift YOU & OTHER up to expanded levels of consciousness and reality.

When you choose to embrace your power to catalyze yourself out of a comfort zone, with focus and swiftness, you release and shed what’s no longer needed (and is weighing you down)…

And as a result take a self empowered step into your soul’s evolution, liberating yourself to a more full, true, empowered expression.

When you shift how what’s challenging you right now in your life from something happening to you into something happening through you, you step into your power to meet and work with whatever is showing up…. as a process and path to greater healing, freeing and expressing.

Look around your life right now – at your work, your relationships, your physical foundation of health, wealth and home. Ask yourself:

1. What would I LOVE to catalyze in my life right now?

2. What is already being catalyzed in your life? And if you named it, you could powerfully start working with it vs it working you.

Then Join me for episode 161 of Feminine Power Time – Feminine Super Power: Catalyze! Release the comfortable. Embrace the call to shift. 

This is practical wisdom in action – to apply to whatever is catalyzing or wants to be in your life.

We’ll dive into:

  • 3 of the principles of the feminine super power of Catalyze so that you can be a Conscious Catalyzer
  • How to meet challenges as catalysts
  • How to catalyze yourself to step out of your comfort zone vs waiting for the Universe to do it for you
  • How to work with the catalyzing energy of our time to
  • Liberation – what it is and how you can use it

We’ll reveal and identify:

  • What are your lifetime catalyzers? Those areas of your life that keep challenging you?
  • What “skins” – roles, responsibilities, and robes of expression or repression – are you ready or is it time to release?
  • What within you is calling to be liberated? What desires to be more free to express? What do you desire to be more free to receive?
  • What ways of living, relating, or working are you complete with and ready to liberate yourself from?

Tune in. And if you missed the podcast series on Sacred Transformation #126 – 128, tune in to that too.

See you there.




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Wisdom Byte:

Sometimes we need to RELEASE what we’ve been good at so we can step into our greatness.

9 Common Catalyzers / Soul Curriculum:

Relationships – Romantic
Relationships – Friends or specific gender
Relationships – Family


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