My Self-Care Saviour – The Super Power Self Care Practice + Feminine Wisdom That Saves Me From Burnout Everyday

Feed the Feminine First – The Super Power Self Care Practice + Feminine Wisdom that Saves Me From Burnout Everyday I am a big fan of taking care of yourself. I love that we finally live in [...]


Grace Under Pressure: Beat Stress to Thrive

Grace Under Pressure: A different way to beat stress and thrive Trying to “manage” stress is like trying to manage a two year old – it doesn’t work and you will exhaust [...]


Self Care Super Power: Two Simple Practices to Keep Your Energy Tanks Full

Watch this divine spark for your heart – a big permission slip to take care of yourself + two simple but mighty practices that will make that possible in your day to day Here’s the [...]


Are You OVER Giving? 9 ways you over give and deplete yourself

Feminine Power Time: Are You Over Giving? – tune in to your heart & soul and let’s find out This week for Feminine Power Time, I felt inspired and compelled to deepen a [...]


Stressing Over Too Much to Do? A New Way to Get It All Done that Doesn’t Sacrifice You

Almost every woman I know has found herself on the brink of or smack dab in the middle of feeling overwhelmed and over it because she feels – and likely does – have too much to do. [...]


Sustain Don’t Drain Yourself… self care is a choice, make it!

Yes, you want to take care of yourself. Yes, you want your life to feel in balance, in harmony. You want to feel vital, strong, and cared for. You know self care is good. Yet there are many [...]


You Deserve Support … 4 questions that lead to finding and receiving the support you need

You deserve support. There is no question about that. Support is a form of love that we all deserve, no matter what. And the great news is that support is everywhere – when you know where [...]


Start Your Day Caring For Yourself – in less than 3 minutes!

Self-Care Belief and Habit #1 Believe: “If I start my day by taking care of me, I will feel better taken care of.” Take A Daily Act of Love: Ask yourself what you need, first thing, [...]

Love Starters: 3 ways to start your year from LOVE vs FEAR

I am a big believer in the phenomenon that how you begin your year is how you will live your year. And as I recently learned from my acupuncturist Dr. Feng, there is an ancient Chinese proverb [...]

No Matter How Much I Do, It’s Never Enough… how to be happy regardless of how much you accomplish

Start a company. Support your family. Save the world. Stay looking like you are 25. And by the way, don’t break a sweat while doing it… after all, other women seem to be keeping it [...]

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