182: Staying Sustained Through Change: Practices & Perspectives to Make The Shift with More Ease

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182: Staying Sustained Through Change: Practices & Perspectives to Make The Shift with More Ease

How do you stay centered, clear, calm and sustained as you go through changes in your life – relationship, career, home, health? Whether you want the change and are intentionally creating it or it’s a happening that you didn’t ask for but find yourself in, when you can name the change as a ‘threshold’ you are crossing and moving through elevates everything.

Almost everyone I know if they are aware, conscious and choosing to grow through the catalyzing times we are in, is walking through a threshold crossing. While they are always challenging, they don’t have to take you down or drive you to push through or run the other way.

There is wisdom – practices and perspectives – to share and apply now and in the months and years to come to whatever changes and shifts we find ourselves in — in ways that empower us to be in co creation with the Universe and each other.

Most of us didn’t get this wisdom in our traditional education or leadership training. I’ve crossed thresholds many times (more on the word threshold in the Podcast) and have learned some things I thought might help bring more ease, empowerment, and grace to you.

Wisdom and practices that seem simple that one could discount them for lack of significance. But in truth, true wisdom is usually stated quite simply but is anything but simple.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time #182: Staying Sustained Through Change: Practices & Perspectives for Making Shifts with More Ease, we will dive into some of these such as:

  • Thresholds – what their nature is and why you want to name yours
  • Purposeful Patience
  • Focused Fluidity
  • It’s Happening!
  • Travel in Flock Formation
  • Wise Advisors to the Left

And also we’ll dive into some of the teachings in Overwhelmed and Over It about sustainable change and growth and apply them to whatever current shifts you are going through, including:

  • Setting the pace and rhythm of your day, week, month and year
  • 3 Harmonic Rhythms of a Sustainable Pace

And I will walk you through practices to:

  • Keep your heart and spirit light vs weighed down
  • Keep your mind clear and open vs. future tripping and wound up
  • Keep your body free from holding stress

Tune in. See you there.





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