Self Empowerment: Power Leaks, Sovereignty & Embodying Our Pure Power

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Feminine Power Time #181:
Self Empowerment: Power Leaks, Sovereignty & Embodying Our Pure Power
(#4 of 4 in Self-Love Podcast Series)

Self Empowerment…. Be Empowered… Own your Power … Stand in your power … these are words that we see and hear alot more these days, but what does embodying our power really mean? What is self-empowerment? What does sovereignty have to do with all of this?

How do you know if you are coming from your pure power rooted in wholeness or distorted power rooted in woundedness? How do you reveal where you are giving your power away – leaking power – in subtle but signifcant ways?

I’ve been exploring, researching and teaching self-empowerment as one of the 10 branches of self-love for over a decade. I first heard the word sovereignty in 2006 and it rang through my body like a deep truth I knew in my bones, but didn’t have a mental understanding of. 

Being the wordsmith and wisdom student I am, of course I looked up the current definitions of both – unsatisfactory.

I started studying power and realized pretty quickly how distorted our cultural concepts and expressions of power are. And I dove deep into where we as humans, especially women and girls, give away our power in unconscious ways. Or express power in distorted ways that actually diminish our influence.

Over the years I have created new definitions of power and sovereignty, practices to strengthen both, and ways to reveal where our leaks and strengths lie.

For starters – here’s the definition of self empowerment:

Self-empowerment is choosing to take care of and responsiblity for your life by acting to create the life you really desire, without apology or requiring approval from others. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #4 of 4 in our Self Love Series, we’ll dive into the top branch of the Tree of Self Love, Self Empowerment: Power Leaks, Sovereignty, Embodying Our Pure Power:

  • Define Self Empowerment and Sovereignty
  • 5 Signs of a strong self-empowerment and 5 signs of weak self-empowerment 
  • The difference between ‘power’ that is reckless, suppressed or distorted in you, and power rooted in wholeness 
  • 5 Power Leaks – which are affecting you
  • How this all shows up in our relationships to others, ourselves and the organizations we work in/with
  • How to speak from and stand in your pure power in everything from relationships to salary negotiations without being an ass or a pushover.

I’ll guide you through some self-reflection inquiries as well. If you have the Madly in Love With ME book or Overwhelmed and Over It, grab them as I’ll be referencing them in our conversation and exploration. 

And come over to the Feminine Wisdom Cafe where I’ve posted the full definition of Sovereignty and we’re inviting everyone to share what Sovereignty means to them. 

See you there!



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