A Message for All Women: You are Making A Difference (+ a self compassion boost)

  On this day – International Womens’ Day – a Day for marking the impact women have made and are making in this world, I invite you to make sure YOU take pause to [...]


The Comparison Cure: Stop Criticizing Yourself and Start Loving Yourself

THE COMPARISON CURE: Transform Self Criticism into Self Love – tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time. In this Feminine Power Time I bring out the big self love guns and divine [...]


Imagine A World of Self Love

Watch this video and be reminded WHY self-love isn’t selfish, but essential and then leads you through a personal boost of love to leave you feeling that self-love promise of “I will [...]


Your Inner Critic Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against This Person

Every day since you could watch a TV or hear a radio or read a magazine, you were told a message. A harmful message, that made you believe things about yourself that weren’t true. What my [...]


You Are Doing the Best You Can!

An excerpt from the upcoming book, Madly in Love with ME by Christine Arylo   “So here I was, The queen of self-love SO not loving herself. Asking myself questions that led me down the road [...]