Your Relationships and Web of Connections

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Feminine Power Time:
Your Relationships and Web of Connections
(#3 of 3 in the Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next Series)

As we go into this next cycle, and look ahead at what we desire to create for ourselves, those we care for and influence, and the world, two thing I do know for sure is this:

HOW we do this must be done together. It’s the design of how we create a different reality, rooted in wholeness, compassion, interconnection, inclusion & sustainability.

Our relationships are a big part of both our personal and collective healing & elevation. 

The time of the lone wolf, hero, guru, star, indivdual leader is done. The time of putting the world on our backs & doing it all on our own, and sacrificing ourselves for our cause, company or just mere survival needs to be complete.

As we watch the world around us transform, one thing we want to really open our eyes to is the realm of our Relationships and what I call our “Webs of Connections”. So much of our personal and collective transformation and elevation can only happen in relationship … to other people, and to communities, groups and eco systems of people.

Our relationships – the ones we have or the ones we lack – are where we work through our wounds, heal our hearts, return to wholeness, and as result become like agents of elevation in our families, partnerships, teams, communities, companies and the larger world.

Our relationships are the how we move out of working in ways that make us sick… how we create a culture in which people are compassionate, collaborative and inclusive… how we create a reality in which people stop making choices from fear and instead open their imagination to see different possibilities where there is enough for all.

I am curious …

Do you have the relationships and web of connections you need now, and to create the next? 

What are the relationships and webs of connection that will support you to grow, express in your full genius, & be sustained now and in the next?

Are you up for the experimenting with different ways to engage in relationship?  And making changes to how you show up within them? Live the next months and years like a “yoga of relationship” where you can elevate your frequency and experience of relationship in all realms of your life?

Today we open up the portal of elevation for the now and next …. to empower us to create the relationships and connections we really do need for this next 3 year cycle and beyond. 

In this episode, #208 (#3 of 3 of our extended Power Pause)- we will focus on your Relationships and Your Web of Connections.

I will share with you two frameworks: 

  1. The 4 kinds of relationships you want into place – from conscious collaborations to mutually beneficial connections to your heart line to resonant communities.
  2. The 4 different kinds of actions you can take in existing or non-existing relationships: Release. Redesign. Reconnect. Reveal & Reach Out.

I will share wisdom on both as well as take you into these 3 inquiries:

3 Co-Creative Inquiries

1. Who am I keeping company with? What is the frequency of the connection or the field? What is draining/dissonant? What is fine/no sweat? What is energizing, empowering and resonant?

2. Who are the people I am meant to connect with?

3. If what and who I am seeking is also seeking me, what could be creating interference?

Creative Actions:

  • Write these inquiries out. Increase your awareness of current company.
  • Make a visual of the people you are meant to connect to and invite the Universe to help you make connections.
  • Choose one relationship from each category to work with these next 3 months or year … Release. Redesign. Reconnect. Reveal & Reach Out.

See you for the conversation. Honored to be on the path with you!

With heart,


p.s.  REQUEST to CREATE CONNECTION: SHARE THIS PODCAST with a friend. Ask each other the inquiries. And reflect to each other what you hear to bring more insight forward.


Your Relationships and Web of Connections

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