Keep Your Radiance Strong & Light – 3 Practices to Play With

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Feminine Power Time:
Keep Your Radiance Strong & Light – 3 Practices to Play With

There is a lot of talk & information about wellbeing, presence, mindfulness, getting good sleep, eating well and self-care … alot of which can be good and helpful, and alot can also be overwhelming and like more to do’s in an already full life.

Here at Feminine Power Time we get to the roots of wellbeing by applying wisdom to the choices we make every day … including the practices, choices and routines that have way more influence over how we feel, how we show up,  and how others perceive and receive us than we know.

As we embark on our 8th year here at Feminine Power Time – I wanted to take a pause to bring practical application to our theme for this year: Rooting and Rising in Radiance, which enables and empowers us to actually live that theme into reality.

It’s the choices we make in our every day that determine how we feel and live throughout our days. 

Contemplate this: Which every day choices are supporting your radiance + your capacity to show up as your best self? Which are draining your radiance or driving you to react to people or situations that does not reflect your best self?

When I say “practice” it can help to think about practices in two categories:

  1. Proactive and Preventative: Put these into your daily, weekly and monthly rhtyhm to keep your life force and radiance strong, so you are more able and likely to show up as the calm, clear, grounded, radiant, powerful presence that is you.
  2. Pull On In the Moment : Use these in the moments you get triggered, pinched, swirled up, overwhelmed, full of emotion or feelings of anxiety or frustration. They will give you a  path to move through the trigger or wobble, and recenter. So you can respond vs. react to a situation or a person.

Tune into episode #210 – Keep Your Radiance Strong & Light  – 3 Practices to Play With and then try these three practices in your day to day. These are three practices I use in my day to day too!

  1. Relax. Rest. Regenerate. The Daily & Weekly Bookend
  2. Eliminate & ReleaseRelease & Embrace. Choose a time span to play with.
  3. Emote to Elevate. Ask someone to be a space holder for you or play with this through journaling, movement or self recorded speaking.

I so look forward to sharing this wisdom with you, and hearing what happens as you play with them.



Keep Your Radiance Strong & Light – 3 Practices to Play With

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