Downshifting: Superpower Practices for Staying Centered, Calm & Clear in Chaotic Times #1 of 3 (ep #117)

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Superpower Practices for Staying Centered, Calm &
Clear in Chaotic Times

#1 of 3 in Grace Under Pressure Series

Feminine Power Time Episode #117


What are your practices for staying centered? The yogic wisdom is clear – how you end your day is how you start your next day. Yet we make choices in the last few hours before we go to sleep that sabotage our ability to replenish. We can blame work, other people, money, etc. for our stress but the truth is you and I have a lot of power to reduce our stress and increase our clarity and feelings of calm by the choices we make in the last two hours of our day.

This is the practice of DOWNSHIFTING – the rhythm and routines and actions you take from the hours of 4pm to you go to sleep.

My question for you is ….

  • What choices are you making that are draining you?
  • What choices are sustaining you?

Especially in the last two hours of your evening which is where we will focus our conversation.


We need practices for staying centered in this chaotic world or you will be like a windsock with no pole.

practices for staying centered feminine power time 117

In this Feminine Power Time #117:
Superpower Practice for Staying Centered in Chaotic Times,

#1 of 3 part Grace Under Pressure Series where we dive into:


  1. How do you stay centered, calm and clear in a chaotic world??
  2. The practice of BOOKENDING your days. – Where your power lies to stay outside the swirl by how you start and end
  3. The practice of DOWNSHIFTING
  4. The sabotaging ways you may be downshifting including the ‘second shift’ and ‘the wine down’
  5. Simple shifts you can make in the last hour before you go to bed that will have a significant impact on your calm, clarity and centeredness

We’ll get real and practical about how to use downshifting to get the replenishment you need, and replace sabotaging evening habits with new ones that support you.

  1. What you put into your body, mind, psychic field goes to bed with you – how about that!
  2. When you mimic mother natures rhythm, your rhythm comes into harmony
  3. Downshifting is not something additional you do, it is how you do what you are already doing

I LOVE this practice and every year before the equinoxes, I up my commitment and awareness of it.

Tune in.

Big heart




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