Fear Shifting: Practice for Staying Centered, Calm & Clear in Chaotic Times (ep 118)

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FEARSHIFTING: What do you do with the fear?
Practices for Staying Centered & Calm in Chaotic Times

#2 of 3 in Grace Under Pressure Series

Feminine Power Time Episode #118


What is Fearshifting? What are practices you can use when fear shows up that move you through and keep you calm and centered in the chaos fear creates.

There is no question that there is a lot of fear flying around out there… that is causing even the most wise and centered of us to question what is real? What should I do? What the heck is going on in the world? How do I stay safe and well? But also not fall victim to the fear machine that stirs up panic?

In this episode of Feminine Power Time we will dive into the question – What do you do with the fear? How do you clear the fear so you can see what is real? What information do you trust? What are the wise actions to respond to whatever is happening in the world.

Whether it’s a virus. Any number of natural and human created disasters. Personal traumas and challenges. We can expect there will be more. These are the times we are living in.

And … while fear will rise up. We do not have to react from fear. We do not have to make our decisions around fear.

We do need to be awake, aware, wise and safe … able to discern.


In this Feminine Power Time #118:
Superpower Practice for Staying Centered and Calm in Chaotic Times,

#2 of 3 part Grace Under Pressure Series where we dive into:


Join me as we dive into what I call Fear-shifting… including

  • What not to do… so you don’t feed the fear, your own or the worlds.
  • How to look at fear differently, so you know what to do with it… yours, other peoples or the worlds, so you gain the power to calm yourself and ground yourself to stay centered, and as result empower others to do the same.
  • Three powerful wisdom inquiries you can use in the moment to find the truth and your truth … the practice of wisdom inquiries is So powerful.
  • A grounding and rooting meditation practice that is about 3 minutes only, you can do it in the morning, or whenever the fear swirls up.
  • How to tell if the fear of everything going on in the world is confusing your judgement or amplifying your own internal fears … and what to do with the fear, to shift yourself into wisdom and truth.

Fearshifting is a practice. There are tools. Come and learn them.

Plus I’ll invite you to open up your eyes to SEE what you might not be seeing about what is happening in the world today.

Question everything is what the elders say at this time.

Let’s make sure you have the right questions and practices to lead to wisdom.

See you there



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