Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next: Your Wellbeing & Your Lifeforce

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Feminine Power Time:
Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next: Your Wellbeing & Your Lifeforce
(#1 of 3 in Series)

Consider this: What you focus on now, will influence the reality you experience in the years to come. What you choose to give your life force and resources to this year will show up three years from now. The choices you make around your wellbeing now – in your habits, relationships and life & work design – will show up in your health & wealth twenty years from now.

This is a natural law, which means it is naturally how things work …. and this year more than ever that’s true (more on that in the podcast).

Which is why I felt compelled to create an extended power pause for us this year … that will give you wisdom, insight and clarity on this year (the NOW) and also the coming three year cycle (the NEXT).

This power pause series – Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next – will give you 3 inquiries per episode focused on a specific area of focus that felt like was really calling me & us to give some conscious thought, feeling and imagination to.

Why so much to do about inquiries?

It’s not as much about the words we say, but the inquiries we make and dare to seek deeper wisdom for that determine the quality and reality of our lives.

Inquiry gives us insight into higher intelligence and inner truth.

We’ll focus on these 3 key inquiries in this episode #206, focused on your Wellbeing & Lifeforce … both for the NOW and for the NEXT:

  1. What is needed to sustain the longevity of my wellbeing? 
    In my habits? Relationships? Work & Life design?
  2. What am I giving my lifeforce and resources to?
    What’s draining/distracting me? What is in alignment (and NOT) with my values? What is sustaining & enlivening me?What’s dimming my light?
  3. Where do I have the power to release some pressure now? 

I also break each of these down to make it practical and accessible for you. And end with a embodied meditation.

These are the same inquiries I make for myself. I use the wisdom that arises to make choices that lead me to what is right, real and true for me now. May these wisdom inquiries serve you to make clear, courageous and compassionate choices that keep you aligned to your path, purpose and desires.


Choose to protect and retain your life force as if it is the most essential resource you possess. 

Because it is.

The systems will take everything you give them — be an advocate for yourself by giving only what is in harmony, and being conscoius about what is no longer serving you, and what is truly enlivening you!

With heart,


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Wisdom for Thriving Now & Creating What’s Next: Your Wellbeing & Your Lifeforce

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Overwhelmed and Over It – page 292 – Pressure Release Process www.OverwhelmedandOverit.com

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