XO: Getting to the Roots of Self Worth & Burnout

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Feminine Power Time:
XO: Getting to the Roots of Self Worth & Burnout

New inspiration for Feminine Power Time…what I’m calling an “XO” episode … XO from my heart to yours .. like a movie “short,” it’s a podcast shortie to bring forth something that moves my heart to share with you spontaneously.

I have these moments where I am feeling the energy in the world + sensing themes through the conversations I am having with conscious beings that make me feel “Oh, it would really serve us all to hear this wisdom right about now!” But instead of waiting to do a full podcast, I thought we could experiment with this shorter format. See if we like it?

This first XO short is all about getting to the heart of a pattern, habit, imprint that might be driving you – unconsciously – into overwhelm, self sacrifice, burnout, and ways of working, living, relating. One that is rooted in your self-worth and the imprints around self-worth that have been imprinted on you.

If we can’t get to the root of what is causing the burnout within us, we cannot change the systemic roots that keeps us stuck in the in patterns, relationships and situations that do not support our sustainability + thriving. Nor change the systems we work and live in.

Every year around this time, I put myself on a 40-day practice to shine light on root habits and imprints that are driving me in ways that don’t serve me + to shift my habits to support my wellbeing & desires going forward.

I was reflecting on the years I’ve done 40 day practices, and remembered that I had written about one of my profound 40 day practice breakthroughs in Overwhelmed and Over It. Specifically, the connection between our self worth & feelings of safety, security and enoughness and our inability to break free of burnout & self-sacrifice.

In this XO from my heart to yours, I will take us through some wisdom, experience and a set of inquiries that will help you shine some light on where you may be unconsciously pushing yourself way too hard, or stuck in systemic imprints you just don’t know are there.

Consider this (excerpt from book and podcast):

The simple truth is this: We cannot give ourselves the space to pause or replenish, nor can we create a reality in which we can be both successful and sustained, in part because we’ve been imprinted to value ourselves based on how busy we are; how much we’ve achieved; or how hard we have to push, strive, and grind.

Or we’ve been so laden down with the reality of just having to survive, we haven’t had space to even consider the pace we’d prefer, because we are drowning, barely keeping our heads above the water.

This is true, for so many of the reasons we have stated about the way this world is currently structured; what society values; and the increasing pace and demands on us financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally to just keep up.

As we’ve said since the start, “It’s not our fault. And . . . you and I, and all the other women on this planet, are the ones with the power to change it, together.”

The way forward is this: We bravely look underneath all the push and grind to see the lies, fear, lack, feelings of “not enough,” and distorted ways we value ourselves, and heal and free ourselves from them.

We re-root ourselves into the truth of our inherent value and a real, felt sense that we are held and guided by something greater, of which we are a part. To start us moving in this direction, I have a few inquiries for you.

Let’s look underneath the roots + re-root ourselves into our inherent value and connection.

See you there,

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Getting to the Roots of Self Worth & Burnout

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