Taking Leaps: Doing Beginnings, Endings, Cycles with Grace & Gumption

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Feminine Power Time #191:
Taking Leaps: Doing Beginnings, Endings, Cycles with Grace & Gumption

Taking leaps. Small ones. Big ones. In between ones. Whether we are leaving a job or changing careers… or moving our home… or starting or ending a marriage or relationship… or choosing to make a change, break a pattern or complete something without knowing exactly what’s on the other side…

Taking leaps is like an Olympic sport most of us didn’t get training for. So we figure it out as we go. If we are fortunate, we find guides along the way who have leaped before us.

People who can give us some wisdom and practical steps for how to take leaps with grace. People who can support us to tap into our gumption to fuel the courage and clarity we need to leap.

I’ve leapt many times into the unknown, followed the unconventional path, made choices for freedom over security, trusting that it would all work out in the end. You?

So far I am still standing, still smiling and while I have some stretch marks from the stress that leaps almost always bring, the rewards in my heart and soul bank far outweigh the stretch marks.

Taking leaps is how people who live fully and freely live. We don’t wait for all things to be in place or feel comfortable. We also aren’t ‘dummy pants’ and leap with no net. And the net isn’t always what you think it is.

Wisdom Byte: If you never step into the unknown you just keep repeating the same reality.

Many of the people I advise and coach, and the women in the leadership councils and wisdom schools I founded, are also moving through big cycles – some they welcomed with open arms, others they’ve resisted for some time.

I imagine you might also be going through a cycle with endings and beginnings too, whether you are conscious of it or not.

So I poured some tea, put on my downshifting white jammies, sat at my desk for the first time in 9 months and created this for you – to share what I’ve learned and noticed about cycles, about going through this current transition and what I’m seeing in other conscious humans currently.

I’ve got some inquiries, stories and elevated perspectives to share that I hope will give you some grace and gumption in whatever leap you are making or is calling you.

I’ll end us with 4 inquiries to elevate you and/or do with a friend. 

Elevation Wisdom Inquires:

Write these out and contemplate them or conversate with a friend.

1. What is the cycle, beginning, ending I am in, approaching or resisting?
2. What do I know?
3. What am I unsure of?
4. What do I need to take the next step?

With great heart,




Taking Leaps: Doing Beginnings, Endings, Cycles with Grace & Gumption

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