Power Pause: 5 Inquires to Restore Your Radiance. Refocus Your Lifeforce For the Rest of the Year

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Feminine Power Time #192:
Power Pause: 5 Inquires to Restore Your Radiance. Refocus Your Lifeforce For the Rest of the Year

Wise beings know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support us to grow our work, wealth and relationships, and to support our health, and keep us focused on what matters.

Which is why one of my top three practices for staying out of burnout and overwhelm and stay on the path of sustainable success, impact and wellbeing in the “Power Pause” + why I created this episode for you, which is really more like a mini retreat. 

Power pauses are an elevated leadership best practice we do quarterly, at the Equinoxes and Solstices, the natural shifting times.

Equinoxes are all about illuminating imbalances, shifting habits to restore wellbeing, and re-focusing your priorities, lifeforce and intentions for the next quarter. 

The September Equinox offers us insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your lifeforce  – especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won’t support you now, and the ways in which making changes to your home, health and wealth can support you to end your year strong, sane and supported.

Often at Equinox, I am out in the world doing full day power pauses for teams, weekend and one day retreats for conscious women, and going through the process myself. And I like to do a mini power pause for all of us here at Feminine Power Time … with some of the key parts of the process I feel like we can most benefit from this particular year.

The theme of Sept Equinox is always Harvest. This year, I added the theme of RECEIVE, because I feel like we can use a fill up at a heart, mind, soul, spirit and body level.  

Tune into this Power Pause and:

  • Learn the wisdom behind taking power pauses 4 times a year – and how this practice can yield big returns in your business, career, relationships and health/wealth/home
  • Learn about why we need to FEEL to make the impact we are making REAL.

I will lead us through a 5 inquiry process, including visualization and meditation to:

  • Feel good about what you have already done this year – and really feel the difference you are making + how much you’ve grown. 
  • Reveal the imbalances – work, relationships, health, wealth or home – that need attention.
  • Consider what you need to bring the imbalances into harmony, so you have what you need 
  • Bonus – Gain clarity on what really matters to focus your energy and attention on the last cycle of the calendar year.

See you there! 

And make sure to check out the Feminine Wisdom Cafe here for a special packet I put together for you to help you find the imbalances or shifts of focus + re-harmonize and re-focus. 



Elevation Wisdom Inquires:

Write these out and contemplate them or conversate with a friend

1. How have you already made a difference this year?
2. How have you made choices to support & sustain yourself?
3. Where are the imbalances in your career, work, self expression, and where can you focus or make a shift to create harmony?
4. What relationship is calling for a shift? What is needed to create harmony?
5. Choose your body, health or home as an area to shift a pattern or habit? What pattern or habit is creating an imbalance or disharmony? What new pattern, habit or ritual can you swap in and create more harmony?



 5 Inquires to Restore Your Radiance. Refocus Your Lifeforce For the Rest of the Year

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1. Harmony Assessment Practice – from Section 1 in Overwhelmed and Over It: PDF from the Companion Journal + Meditation. Access it on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe Here. (if you cannot access the Cafe, it’s free, but you do have to sign up – you can do that here.

2. Overwhelmed and Over It the book + the companion journal. Learn more www.OverwhelmedandOverit.com

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