179: Strengthen SELF-TRUST

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What is self-trust? How do you know if your self trust is strong or weak? And how do you strengthen your self-trust? I would love to live in a world in which all people from 11 to 111 knew the answers to these questions… where we were taught the fundatmentals of self trust this from a very young age … but alas, we are not there yet.

But change starts with each of us, so today we take a deep dive into self-trust, these inquiries and apply this self trust practically to your life now … where you need it the most.

This episode of Feminine Power Time – “Strengthen Self Trust” is the 2nd in a 4 part series on Self-Love. Self-trust is one of the 10 branches of self-love.

When I created the body of self-love work that breaks self-love down so you can see where you are weak and strong, the metaphor of a tree came through. Self-trust is the trunk of the tree – everything stems from here. Self-acceptance is the root ball. Self-worth the roots.

Self trust is:

Choosing to listen to and follow the guidance of your inner voice, believing you know what is right for you, even when other people think or say otherwise.

Join me for this exploration as we:

* Illuminate the signs of a weak and strong self trust

* How self trust shows up in our careers, relationships and life choices.

* I pinpoint from a self love perspective, what we need to do as adults to regain and rebuild self-trust

* I take you through one of the most powerful self trust processes I created, to bring self love to the places and ways you have not followed and betrayed your inner knowing and guidance … which when healed, keeps you from making unconscious choices.

If you want to learn more about self-trust, read chapter 8 in Madly in Love with ME and chapter 1 in Overwhelmed and Over It.

A little heads up: Be prepared to connect with yourself at a heart and self honesty level. Nothing to be scared of, going here is where your power and freedom is. Just wanted to let you know we aren’t skimming the surface here when we dive into self-love.

I’ll share my journey with self-trust from a self-love perpsective too. I wouldn’t ask you to do something I have not done myself, more than one time.

With great heart,

p.s. Come by the Feminine Wisdom Cafe (my private online community) and share your Self Love Promise and Branch for this year.






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  1. Madly in Love with ME Book – www.theSelfLoveBooks.com
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