Self Love: Self-Acceptance & Self-Worth

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Feminine Power Time #178:
Self Love: Self-Acceptance & Self-Worth
(#1 of 4 in Self-Love Podcast Series)

In 2008, I founded the international Day of Self Love – February 13th –  to bring a deeper and practical awareness and understanding to Self-Love, Self-Acceptance & Self-Worth.

This was meant not to be one day to celebrate ourselves, but a day to pause and look within at our inner foundation, and reveal what kind of self-love we needed to receive and strengthen this coming year. And then practically choose to do so.

You see, “Do I love myself?”  is not a yes/no question. There are areas you are strong and weak in. Areas that need tending THIS year. Self-love, or a lack of it, is at the root of the choices we make everyday, the big life choices, and the way we feel in relationship, career and own skin. Self love is primary to emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Our leadership presence. Our prosperity. Our sense of belonging and being valued. Our thoughts, emotions, health. All linked to self-love.

But most of us were never educated on the different kinds of self-love – what I call the 10 branches of self-love. And in the world of business, money and ‘serious’ things, self-love is often fluffed and woo wooed away. When honestly if self-love was part of primary education and a sign of a healthy leader, we’d have less narcissitics, less greed, and more of a society where sovereignty and unity could co-exist and healthy inter- connection was the norm.

There is SO much power in exploring and embodying each of the 10 branches of self-love which make up the “Self Love Tree.”

Which is why, this month, we’ll explore 4 of the primary branches, one at a time, with perspectives, a practice and inquiries to ponder. And then I encourage you to put them to practice to what you are desiring to create or dealing with in your life, career, wellness and relationships.

Today, in Episode 178: Self Acceptance & Self Worth we explore:

  • The Self Love Tree and the 10 Branches of Self Love
  • Reveal where you are weak and strong in self-love, and where it sits in your body.
  • Self-Acceptance, what it is and how it affects all areas our lives, including our confidence.
  • Reveal where you are rejecting parts of yourself (ouch!)
  • Find what parts of you are calling you to embrace them, so you can be your full power and presence (exhale)
  • What to do with the toxic habit of Comparison  (you’ll LOVE this).

Self Acceptance is the base of the ROOT line of the self-love tree, and our bodies. So it informs everything from your self-care to your self-esteem and self-trust.

Tune in.

Try the practices.

Take a self love pulse check and make a self love promise this year.

And exhale – we are in this together.

Big heart,


p.s. Come by the Feminine Wisdom Cafe (my private online community) and share your Self Love Promise and Branch for this year here.




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  1. The Self Love Promise Kit –
  2. Madly in Love with ME Book –
  3. Path of Self Love Website –

Embodied Self Love Experiences & Trainings:

1.  FOR YOURSELF: Make it a year of Self Love – The Yoga of Self Love – receive practices, wisdom & creative exercises, one branch of self love per month

2. FOR GUIDING OTHERS: Self Love Essentials Professional Training for those who support others –


The Self Love Tree:

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