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Self Love Podcast Series

Creating a Strong Self Love Foundation: The Tree of Self Love – A 4-Part Series

Throughout the years I’ve done a few different series and podcast on Self Love. This podcast series focuses on different parts of the Tree of Self Love, called the 10 branches of Self Love.

Here’s a glyph of the Tree of Self Love.

The podcast series starts with the Roots of Self Love: Self Worth and Self Acceptance.  Then moves to Self Trust – the Centerpoint of Choices (like the trunk). Then to the Heart Line, of Self Compassion, Self Care and Self Pleasure.

Here are the episodes of each of the Feminine Power Time Podcast Series of Self Love with Christine Arylo. Tune in here or listen to them on your Podcast App.


#178: SELF LOVE: Self Acceptance & Self Worth


#180: The Heart of Self Love: Strengthen Self Compassion and Self Care

#181: Self Empowerment: Power Leaks, Sovereignty & Embodying Our Pure Power


Self love is simply love directed to the self. Do I love myself is not a yes no question. There are ways you are strong in self love and others you are weak. Imagine a world in which children and adults were taught to cultivate a strong inner foundation of these 10 branches.



  1. Self Love Books – 
  2. Overwhelmed and Over It book – 
  3. Yoga of Self Love – Practices & Wisdom for Strengthening Self Love –  
  4. The Path of Self Love & Self Love Teacher Training – 


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