Stay Light: What is Draining or Dimming Your Radiance?

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What is Draining or Dimming Your Radiance?
(#2 of 3 in the Stay Light Series)

In intense, changing times more than ever we need to be able to stay above the chaos and collective consciousness. We are here to shine our light, to give our light through our gifts and presence, to be lights for others. But it can be sooo challenging to stay light during these times. Which is why I am inviting you to shine a light here today:

“What is draining, dimming or distorting your radiance?” 

Remember, Radiance is your light.

The brightness and strength of your radiance effects everything from your wellbeing, your physical health, your ability to get your gifts and genius into the world, your access to your intuition and power, and how you feel about yourself, your life and the world. 

One of our themes for this summer is STAY LIGHT – not as a spiritual platitude but as directive from the Universe and a real practice we put into place in our daily lives.

Stay light is a practice we do. An awareness we have. A stand we take for ourselves. A way we walk in this world. Part of our sacred work.

If we want to keep our radiance strong we need to know both what restores and retains our light AND what drains, dims or distorts our radiance. 

Only when you can see and name what might be draining or dimming your light, can you be at choice with how to work with the forces that pull you down and dim, so you can stay light and bright even in this challenging time in the world. (Note: We explored what retains and restores your Radiance in our last post and podcast.)

Join in on this exploration, illumination and conversation on “What drains, dims and distorts your Radiance?” in Feminine Power Time episode #186. #2 of 3 in our Stay Light Series. 

We’ll start where we always start which is where you have the power within you to make shifts, no matter what the outside world does.

We’ll dive into 5 different ways I’ve noticed our Radiance gets drained, dimmed or distorted because of what’s happening within us.

To help you remember, we started them all with F’s … for “What’s f-ing with my Light! 🙂 

LOL> we need to stay light as we dive into this heavy stuff.

Here are 6 ways we drain, dim or distort our Radiance. Which are messing with your light right now?

1. Forcing
2. Forgetting
3. Feeling Like…
4. Frustration at Feeling Stuck
5. Fragmenting Your Focus
6. Frequency


  • I’ll share the signs these are present within you, give real life examples and share some of my practices for how I transform the radiance dimmers, and elevate my mood, perspective and energy.
  • At the end, I’ll guide you through an embodied meditation that tunes you into where your Radiance is getting drained, and a 3-step process to rise out of the muck into the light.

Lots of good stuff in here. Exhale. This is all in service of supporting you to name and see the patterns in what messes with your Radiance, so you can catch it sooner, shift the energy, and find your way to back to the Flow and the light beam of the “Force” 🙂 Like in Star Wars :))

May the light always glow and flow within you,





What is Draining or Dimming Your Radiance?

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Resources & Links:

Upcoming Programs:

1. FLOW Mid Year Power Pause –

Practices for Staying Light:

1. 4 Rs Morning Meditation – Root Down. Rise Up. Relax Back. Receive. Access video here.

2. Daily Flow Practice Kit – Practices for Staying Clear and Centered. Video + Book. Access here.

3. The Radiance Wheel – See samples here on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe.

4. Overwhelmed and Over It Book – see section 2.

Stay Light Elevation Practice Shared: 

1. Step One: Get real. How does this manifest in my Body? Being? Balance?

2. Step Two: What do I need that I am not receiving?

3. Step Three: What do I need to get back into the flow? back into the

What’s one wisdom bite stood out?
Or which of the 6 F’s that dim your radiance are currently present for you and how?
How’s it impacting your Body & Being. And what do you need to get back into the Beam, the Flow?

Join the conversation in the Feminine Wisdom Cafe here

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