Fighting for Freedom, the Feminine Way: A Power Pause to Consider How we Channel our Energy & Influence Now

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Feminine Power Time #187: Fighting for Freedom, the Feminine Way

A power pause to consider how we channel our energy & influence now

People have died fighting for freedom. It is one of the most essential human needs, and desires. Many have never tasted it, and most of us, even if we live in a ‘free’ world have many ways in which we are NOT free.

Every year as we pass through July 4th marker, which in America is celebrated as Independence Day, in a country that is supposed to be founded on freedom (but in many ways is not, and was not for all people)…

I take a pause to shine a light on all the ways I personally am not free or feeling free, and what is happening collectively that is so not about freedom of the people or the planet.

I tune in every year also for what conversation to have through Feminine Power Time around Freedom. And this year, well wow,  unprecedented with the repealing of rights to our body, rights to be safe from gun violence in schools and public spaces, rights to vote, rights to affordable housing, and ….

So today I tuned in after my morning practice to what was needed for us to gather around … and out flowed Feminine Power Time #187: Fighting for Our Freedom, the Feminine Way. A power pause to consider how we channel our energy and influence.

We’ll dive into:

  • Freedom “Power Points” – where to focus our attention, energy to stand for freedom vs. add to the chaos and waste our energy
  • Practices for how to emote our anger, rage, grief, and to express from wholeness vs. the wound, so we add to momentum of elevation
  • Perspectives on freedom and control through our “wise” eyes – to see what might

I will lead you through: 

  • 5 inquiries to ask yourself at this time to choose how you can consciously channel and direct your energy, time, money, life force and influence.

There is wisdom here for navigating these times. Not to just get through them. But to break through.

We’ve each got a part to play. We are all being called to awaken even more. And none of us can do this on our own.

Tune in to this touchstone for your radiance, rootedness and rememberance.


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Image: She Rises by Sharon Zeugin



Fighting for Freedom, the Feminine Way

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Power Pause Inquiries Shared

  1. Where am I being called to direct your life force, energy, time, resources and influence these next 6 months?
  2. What have I been tolerating that is no longer working? Personally? Professionally?
  3. What is my part now?
  4. Where are my community touchstones?
  5. What is calling for my devotion this next 6 months, so I am deeply supported and sustained?
  6. What do I need these next 6 months to stay light, keep bright, and stay focused?
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