Morning Meditation Practice to Keep You Centered & Connected within the Chaos

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Stay Harmonized Morning Meditation Practice to Keep You Centered & Connected within the Chaos

This is Stay Harmonized practice is called the 4 R’s – it’s not a sexy name, but it will help you remember the practice.

Here’s the video where I lead you through, read more below to understand how it works.

This Stay Harmonized practice will help you stay centered and connected within the chaos of the world. So you can respond vs. react. Make wise choices. Keep a clear mind. And reset if you get twizzeled up.

Use to proactively start your day connected with all 4 points of connection or for re-centering when you get swirled around.


1. Root Down. Connect to mama earth.
2. Rise Up. Connect to the divine universe,
3. Relax Back. Connect to web of support.
4. Receive. Connect to yourself, what you need.



If you start your morning connecting to email, social networks, news media, work, or people other than those you live with, you’ve just set yourself up for a day in which you will be like a windsock with no pole — reacting to the demands, desires, expectations, and energy of everything and everyone around you.

Picking up all the anxiety, frustration, and emotional commotion out there. Next time you grab your phone before you brush your teeth, or you let the outside world in before you connect with yourself and set and protect your magnetic field, notice what happens to your thoughts, emotions, and inner sense of calm and centeredness.

Here’s a glyph to give you a picture
(refer to page 99 on Overwhelmed and Over It)


Except from Book… 


“Compare the two people. Yes, the one on the left looks like a set of disembodied heads. This is you when you forget or fail to connect with yourself and set your field — a harried and hacked human, caught up in the reactive thoughts in your head, stirred up by chaotic emotions, ungrounded and uncentered because you are disconnected from your body.

Notice the other human on the right, who is standing centered while the swirl and chaos moves around them — connected and protected.

They are harmonized on the inside. This is you, having embraced your power to set your magnetic field as an act of wisdom.

The Root Down. Rise Up. Relax Back. Receive. Practice will help you do this. Try it. And keep experimenting with it

To learn more …


Overwhelmed and Over It Book by Christine Arylo

Learn about Christine’s fourth book,
Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power To Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World
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