Embracing Our Power Taking A Stand to Say No More

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Feminine Power Time #137
Embracing Our Power Taking a Stand to Say NO MORE
(#1 of 3 in the Embracing Our Power Series)

We have become so resilient that we have become too tolerant. We have said yes to keep doing more with less. Piling more on to already too full plates. Assimilating into ways of working and managing our lives that frankly haven’t been working for a long time.

Now is the time, to give voice to what is no longer sustainable for you… in your work, in your relationships, in your life design, in your health and wealth.

And then look around, and realize this: It’s not your fault. You are not alone. And together, we do have the power to change this. There are MANY many women and beings who feel the same way – overwhelmed, overworked and over it. Tired of over stretching themselves to make it work, make ends meet, get things done.

We’ve been talking about this for years at Feminine Power Time. And we are at the breakthrough or breakdown point … which will you choose?



In this Feminine Power Time

  Embracing Our Power: Taking A Stand To Say No More
What’s no longer working for you?

Episode #137 – Series #1 of 3

I invite you in to this three part series of Feminine Power Time: Embracing Our Power… where we will tap into the wisdom in the new Overwhelmed and Over It Book to explore and activate the ways we collectively and you individually can embrace and embody our power to STOP what’s not working, SUSTAIN ourselves and those we love and lead, and RE-IMAGINE and RE-DESIGN the new.

The first episode in our series invites you to activate your power of taking a stand to say NO MORE... I have used this many times to make a change, call in the Universe’s support and start making small but significant shifts that lead to the bigger shifts that have set me free.

Tune in. See show notes below for some of the inquiries and steps I shared. And the page numbers I referred to from Overwhelmed and Over It – and get your copy of the new book! www.overwhelmedandoverit.com

See you there.

Together, we will walk through this, re-imagine and re-design how we and the world work, and rise.





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Wisdom Inquiry: What is no longer sustainable for you?

In how you are working?
Set up in your life?


Steps to embracing your power to catalyze shift to happen

  1. Draw the NO MORE Line as your wise self – speak the NO MORE out loud to yourself and the Universe
  2. Release the mind from needing to know HOW. Ask for the Universe’s hand in showing you the path.
  3. Voice your NO MORE stand to another person, releasing any shame or guilt … freedom!


Share your insights… what you’re receiving from embracing your power…






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