The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down: Trusting the Natural Flow

  The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down – when you use it you make wise choices, create more harmony & get more done. When it’s absent from your life, you work harder, deplete [...]


Freedomcast: Clear the Fear & Liberate Your Heart to Lead

“Your power ends precisely where your fear begins.” – Melissa Etheridge. That says it all. And why today I’m inviting you to tune into your heart and see what fear is [...]


Get a Faith Lift – meet life’s challenges with grace & strength

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Thank You for The Hard Stuff: A super powered spiritual practice for dealing with challenging situations in your life

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Get Yourself Into the Flow – release fighting, flailing and feeling bad

About 5 years ago I was smacked right in the face with one of those universal ephaninies that was super hard to swallow but once I did, it saved my life (and I share it with you now): We are [...]


Give Up Negative Self Talk! – – – Choose Supportive Self-Love Talk

What if you could give up negative self-talk? Watch this self-love divine spark for your heart Here’s the straight self-love truth.. Just like giving up any negative toxic habit – like biting [...]


Self Empowerment Blog: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

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Stop Doing Things the Same. Shake Up How You Do Things to Create More Harmony & Flow

Watch this video – my last love letter. After four years of consistently every week taping and sending out a love letter, I am shaking things up, following my soul, and as a result [...]


When You’re Scared to Shift & Go For Your Dreams… do this!

So you know how you have those moments when you feel in your heart it’s time for a change? Time to change jobs, relationships, where you live. Or those times when you can feel your soul [...]


Take Your Dream From Idea to Reality… Step Through The Magical Door of Possibility

Dreams are lived realities made possible by believing in the possible and by acknowledging the magic that is happening all around you. Watch this self love video with one of YOUR dreams in mind [...]