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Feminine Power Time #170
Work Wise Live Well with Christine Arylo
(#3 of 3 in Overworked and Over It Series)

WORK WISE LIVE WELL is the HOW we get relief from the burnout, overwork, anxiety, and overwhelm. How we stop ourselves and the organizations we work in or run ourselves from accepting the grind, the push, the hustle as the norm.

Without new language, models, elevated perspectives + space to practice and trust doing things differently, we stay stuck in our current reality or make it just a little better.

As we start to tap into true WISDOM, we become empowered to use our voices and choices to create realities for ourselves, those we love & lead, our organizations and teams, and this world that are rooted in sustainability, wellness, connection and prospering for people and planet.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #170 Work Wise Live Well, #3 of 3 in our Overworked and Over It Series, we will explore:

3 models +

3 practices +

3 acts of harmonic defiance for releasing ways of working that burn us out

+ embracing new ways that have the power to create sustainable success, wellness + a life we can savor.

We will explore models that:

illuminate the distorted and unhealthy way of working and thinking that’s created our current society and norms, and shine the light on other ways to approach achieving, succeeding and thriving, including:

  • The difference between working Working Hard. Working Smart. and Working Wise.
  • The 4-part path to Sustainable Creation vs. Unsustainable Creation.
  • Toxic Time Pressure vs. Healthy Time Pressure
  • Working in the Rhythm of the natural cycles vs. the routine and prescribed man made time lines

We’ll also share practices for:

  • Giving enough to work and others, vs 110% or your all – without guilt
  • Reflowing projects, meetings, to dos, and goals when they start to feel crunchy
  • Harmonizing your rhythm and the way you plan your life and work with the natural yearly and moonly cycles

This episode was originally delivered as one of my quarterly/monthly Wisdom Sessions.

For the past 7+ years I’ve held a wisdom session on 11.11 focusing on how we can tap into our deeper wisdom – our crazy wisdom – to do things differently, make courageous, wise choices that are aligned with our heart desires and soul path.

If you’d like to watch the session via video, or see the glyphs I mention, I included the link below. As well as in the episode I reference the book Overwhelmed and Over It with page numbers.

See you there!


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This is how we make and co-create the new, without burning ourselves out.

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