Overworked and Over It: Transforming Tight Time Constraints & Toxic Time Pressure

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Feminine Power Time #169:
Transforming Tight Time Constraints & Toxic Time Pressure
(#2 of 3 in the Overworked and Over It Series)

Toxic time pressure is optional. 

Time. It’s one of those things that we all wish we had more of, and one of those things that contribute to the every day pressure we feel under.

But did you ever… consider that time is a human made system? Or notice that many of the deadlines, must-get-done-by’s, and must-do-this-nows put on us by others or generated by ourselves are in many cases preferences or unnecessary time constraints?

I have spent A LOT of time thinking about time – lol. Going deeper underneath to find the roots of the pressure, burnout, stress, anxiety and driving forces that force us to work and operate in crazy-paced, unrealistic ways.

As I was writing Overwhelmed and Over It, I wrote 20,000 words on Liberating ourselves from the time constraints and toxic time pressures that are just not necessary.

We’ve just accepted the pace and pressure of how we work as normal but it’s anything but ‘normal’ for a healthy planet and healthy humans.

For this podcast, Transforming Tight Time Constraints & Toxic Time Pressure (#2 of 3 in our Overwhelmed and Over It Series, which will lead us into the Work Wise. Live Well. Wisdom Session)….

I combed through the book to find three pieces of wisdom + 3 practices and actions you can take now to release yourself from the ways of working that are rooted in undue time pressure and ideals.

Here’s some of what we will explore:

  • What are time constraints? And how do you know they are binding you up?
  • The 3 kinds of “fabricated time pressure” – how to spot it in others and in your organizations and projects, and yourself
  • How to notice the self-sabotaging things you are doing in your day to day that are stealing your time, or causing you to give too much time to the wrong things
  • Deadlines – why you DON”T want to work with these.
  • 3 inquiries that will help you find the toxic time pressure in your life now, and give you simple but mighty ways to release the pressure
  • What is ‘healthy time pressure’ and how can you use it to get what matters done in a more fluid and efficient (and joyful) way

To see glyphs of what I am talking about and get the inquiries I mention, refer to Section 4: Liberate Your Time in the Overwhelmed and Over It book.

See you there!




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