Making Wise Choices: Use the Power of Both Your Head & Heart

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Feminine Power Time #101:
Making Wise Choices: Use the Power of Both Your Head & Heart
(#3 of 3 in the Making Wise Choices Series)


How do you make sure you are making wise choices?

Should you trust your logic and rational brain or your deeper inner feelings and knowing when making choices?

How do you know when to listen to the data or the numbers, and when to trust your heart and make a choice against what the numbers say?

Do you tend to rely more on your intellect or your intuition to guide you, and how is that helping you or hurting you?

Join me and my partner in life and love and business, Noah Martin, for #3 in our Making Wise Choices series on Feminine Power Time: Using the Power of Both Your Head & Heart. 

I invited Noah to join us because he is masterful at using both the head and the heart together to make wise choices (join us and you’ll learn more why.)

Here is some of what we will dive into together in Making Wise Choices.

Bring with you the choice points you are standing at, and/or choices you have made in the past … because we make this personal to you, so that you can make wiser choices in all parts of your life.

  • What having access to both our intellect and our intuition gives you
  • When you want to use your intellect – its’ good at this – and when you want to trust your intuition (intellect sucks at this)
  • What bad choices made from the heart look like
  • What bad choice made from the head look like
  • Determine if you tend to over-rely on the head or the heart, and how that can be sabotaging you
  • How to get underneath the unconscious drivers of your decisions so you don’t make impulsive choices from fear, or make a choice thinking you are getting on thing, but you get another.

Tools like

  • The Power Spectrum of aligned intuition and intellect and distorted uses of both
  • The Known and Unknown Clarity and Courage Booster

And 4 Wisdom Inquiries Noah shared to run yourself through to get underneath what is driving any choice you are making:

1. What is the dream that is underlying this decision? And does it actually help you get to the dream?

2. What is the fear?

3. What is your tendency towards making choices – do you lean to being overly optimistic or overly pessimistic? What is that part saying?

4. What does your Inner Wisdom know?


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