Staying Sane in an Insane World: Perspectives to Support You to Ride the Personal and Collective Waves (#2 of 3)

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Feminine Power Time #163
Perspectives to Support You to Ride the Personal and Collective Waves
(#2 of 3 in the Staying Sane in an Insane World Series)

In this part of our series on Staying Sane in an Insane World, Perspectives to Support You to Ride the Personal and Collective Waves, this week we press the “elevate” button to get a wider, higher view of what’s happening in our world landscape.

This practice of “pressing the elevate button” is how we find wisdom amongst the madness, find our way to center in the midst of chaos, and open up possibility, compassion, and connection instead of more of the same game humankind has been stuck in some thousands of years.

I’ve been contemplating what I would share in this podcast “4 Perspectives for Staying Sane in an Insane World” as I’ve been in deep listening and observing mode.

What I share are four perspectives to contemplate, consider, chew on, try on and be curious about. Take what resonates, leave the rest. All I ask is you come with an open heart and mind, in service to us each unlocking ourselves and all beings and life from the consciousness that just no longer serves.

Some of what we’ll explore:

  1. Duality Reality and Polarities that pull us apart and pit us against each other and the power of ‘standing in and surrendering to the paradox” to access a new level of reality
  2. How we work in this world now in ways that support life and humans to thrive is not the same way we’ve worked in the past
  3. Breaking apart the matrix of a dominating, power-over, distorted masculine world and value system, that’s kept us stuck in unsustainable, inequitable realities.
  4. What action we can take by choosing who we will be as we go through this collective transformation.

Plus I will sing a little diddy for you at the end.

Share the English paper I wrote that broke my heart open and opened my wise woman eyes.

I’ll end us with a short meditation and leave you with these words:

  • Who do you choose to be?
  • Remember your personal healing matters.
  • Believe your personal choices matter.
  • How will you give your gifts and voice to create the world you know in your heart is possible?

See you there!





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