Complete & Create Your Year Clear: Avoid Overwhelm & Over-ing. Focus On What Fills You Up

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Feminine Power Time #198:
Complete & Create Your Year Clear: Avoid Overwhelm & Over-ing. Focus On What Fills You Up

How do you want to feel as you complete this year and as you walk into and begin the next? Overwhelmed? Drained? Exhausted? Busy? Over-extended? Of course not! Yet there is so much pressure internally and externally that can create that as the reality you live vs. the one that you actually desire for the last weeks and beginning weeks of the year.

Since 2007, I have been talking about and writing about Holiday Overwhelm and how to avoid it.

How not to get hooked by obligation. How to do things differently than what the culture says is normal, but is really kind of crazy 🙂

But this year, I decided I wanted to ELEVATE our conversation and focus … from the base level consciousness that keeps us stuck in cycles of end of the year madness, and year start repentance, to some things we can focus on to elevate our experience … to one that creates a stronger sense of calm, peace, joy, fulfillment, regeneration, creativity, connection, spaciousness.

Wisdom teaching: What you focus on grows.

So what will you focus on ???

My ski instructor’s teaching: What you look at you will hit. Aka If you want to avoid hitting a tree, then look away from the tree and look toward where you want to go.

My translation – focus on and look where you want to go so it grows within and around you.

In this episode 198: Complete & Create Your Year Clear: Avoid Overwhelm & Over-ing. Focus On What Fills You Up we will explore, activate and dive into a series of practical ways to FOCUS on what would be supportive and sustaining … so you can savor and enjoy the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next … and make choices in your day to day that will keep your center clear … and support you to feel nourished, at peace, empowered, calm, and any of the other feels you want to embody!

Here’s what TO focus on (and what not to):

  • Enough (Not Excess)
  • Simplicity (Not Complexity)
  • Reflow to Regenerate (Not Squeeze it All In)
  • Do What Matters (Not Do More)
  • Honor What You Need & Desire (Not Obligation)

I’ll share the wisdom behind these, and how to use these practices in the moment to make choices or change a situation. Bring some paper to write these down and then try them out.

With great heart,


P.S. Elevation Action: Share this podcast with a friend, so you can support each other real time. Invite them to join you for the Year End Reflection Ritual, and do it together.




Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We “Do” It

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