2023 Power Pause: A Year-End Reflection Ritual

Complete Your Year Feeling Calm, Proud & Peaceful.
Ready to Begin 2024 Clear, Ready & Wise.

(take this pause, for yourself… you’ll be so glad you did)

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Hosted by Christine Arylo: MBA, Leadership Advisor & Wisdom Teacher

Give yourself space to reflect & acknowledge what you’ve accomplished, and the ways you’ve made a difference – it’s so much more than you think.

Experience a simple process that supports you to release the year that has been… reset your mind, body, heart and spirit…
so you can start 2024 ready, clear, and empowered.


One of the reasons we never feel like we are doing enough is that we are missing rituals in our lives that guide us to slow down, reflect, see, and feel all that has occurred in the past cycle.

Which is why every year for over a decade, I host this special reflection ritual for you and people around the world. We all need a PAUSE, especially this year.

Acknowledge all that you have done and become – professionally & personally.
Release what you don’t want to take into 2024.
Reset mentally, emotionally & energetically.
And remember what matters to you.

Do this with yourself, your family, friends, partner, or your team.

What You’ll Receive From Participating

A simple yet mighty four-step process I will lead you through, PLUS a hand-illustrated guidebook.

  1. REMEMBER All You Have Done & Become in 2023:
    Celebrate and acknowledge yourself. See the shifts you’ve made. The impact you’ve had. The dreams that are more manifested. The challenges you faced and emerged victorious from. Get this into your cells so you begin 2024 feeling good about you. This is more essential than ever after the year we’ve had and the year we are going into.
  2. RELEASE What You Don’t Need to Carry With You Into 2024:
    No need to take excess baggage – patterns, habits, situations, relationships — into the new year. You have the power to leave them behind. Release disappointments and failures and transform them into wisdom. Start 2024 lighter, clearer and ready to receive what’s ahead. So you can stay focused on what really matters.
  3. LOCK IN THE WISDOM You Gained in 2023 So You Don’t Have to Learn It Again:
    Become conscious of all that you’ve learned through both your successes and shorts, so you don’t have to repeat lessons already learned, and so you can make wiser choices in the coming year.
  4. OPEN THE DOOR TO 2024, Connected to What Will Keep You Centered & Sustained:
    When you choose to pause and intuitively tune into how you want to feel and focus in January and February, you don’t wake up stressed on Jan 1 or pressure yourself to hit the ground running. You flow into the 2024, in ways that sustain and support you.

A letter from me to you about the Year End Power Pause, and why I am leading this again for the 13th year, again…as a gift to you, and anyone you want to invite.

christine arylo


I am inviting you to press PAUSE on the outside world and gather with me at one of the four most powerful times of the year for accessing deeper wisdom, gaining inner strength and clarity, and illuminating the path ahead.

When you choose to pause and look back at the year that’s been, you can have a such an empowering impact on your success, happiness and wellness in the coming year.

This is the wisdom of “Cyclical Living” and one of the core practices of Sustainable Suceess.  

I have been doing this reflection ritual for almost 18 years in my personal life, my business, and in my partnership. It is founded on wisdom of how humans naturally work and create best. It’s a gift to yourself. It’s a personal leadership best practice I couldn’t lead my life and organization without.

In times like this, we need space to connect more deeply with ourselves, with a deeper wisdom. The natural stillness of the earth in December offers that, if we choose to pause.

I am honored and so thrilled to be sharing this with you!

Christine Arylo
Leadership Advisor, Wisdom Teacher, MBA

This Reflection Ritual is hosted by the wisdom school I founded, The Feminine Wisdom Way.

Each year, before we start our EMERGE visioning and intention setting process in January, we do this reflection power pause. Consider yourself invited. All people are welcome to participate in the Reflection Ritual.

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