Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We “Do” It

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Feminine Power Time #197:
Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We “Do” It
(#3 of 3 in the Embracing Your Co-Creative Power Series)

Co-Creation – we’ve defined what it is … but HOW do you do it? How to real people living real live actually live as the co-creators of their reality, of their relationships, and of the parts of the world they impact?

Living as a conscious co-creator in my experience is not some esoteric notion or a nice idea, it is the choice you make, and the path and practice for how you see and engage in every part of your world – from the small mundane moments and tasks to the big choices.

To complete this special series in Embracing Your Co-Creative Power series, which focuses on Co-Creative Practices I thought having one of our special “Wise Woman Tea” sessions would make this part of the series most valuable for you. Wise Woman Teas are sessions where I invite on a person (or people in this case) who I am actually in relationship with and know personally, and who also is really living whatever we are exploring.

I invite you into the conversation: Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We “Do” It with myself, Katherine Torrini and Jennifer Bloom, two women with whom I have been exploring and deepening our understanding and practice of co-creation for almost 7 years together. We are part of a feminine leadership council together in which we have intentionally dove into what co-creation is and how we ‘do’ it, and have co-created books, journals, events and more together. Also, while we share a love of co-creation, we also are different in our approaches and perspectives, which is why I invited them to join us.

Tune in, you are invited into the conversation where we will literally co-create the experience, and explore practices like:

  • Magic – and how to bring it into the mundane
  • Imagination – the kind that led to humans making airplanes before any human had ever flown
  • Conversating– how we use ‘wise woman tea’ and wisdom councils to conversate and find insights and have epiphanies
  • Synchronicity and Synergy – what environment is needed for these to occur, and what creates interference that doesn’t allow these to emerge
  • The Co- Leads to Flow vs Solo – how remembering the “Co” reduces overwhelm and opens up the field for connection vs. isolation

We will end with one of our favorite co-creative practices for creating a better world now + shifting our own realities now … “Imagine a World” (and invite you to try it on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe).

And Jennifer will end us with a song / poem she wrote that will open your heart and mind to possibilty and co-creativity.

See you there. And read below for links to connect with Jennifer and her poems, and Katherine and her visual thinking magic.


p.s. Try out your Co Creative Power – Contribute to: “What Daring Dream do You Have for Yourself? For the world?” Be inspired and add your energy into our stream on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe here.



Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We “Do” It

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