Feminine Super Power of FLOW – Create a Rhythm for Your Life that Sustains Not Drains You – And Supports You To Get What Matters Most Done!

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Feminine Power Time: The Feminine Super Power of FLOW: Create a Rhythm that Sustains Not Drains You + Supports You To Get What Matters Done

We lead crazy paced lives in part because we have made the unconscious choice to allow the rhythm of our life to be dictated by the pace the patriarchy and over culture has set – keeping us frenzied, fragmented and not focused on what truly matters.

And there is another choice…

Feminine wisdom shows us how to be in the world without being run by the world, by taking the powerful act to consciously set the patterns and rhythms of days, weeks, months and years in a way that creates harmony, not havoc.





Change your patterns, change your life. Be in the world but not run by the world’s pace, frenzy or fear.


Feminine Power Podcast with Christine Arylo

Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, for this Feminine Power Time, the 3rd in the Breaking Through the Myth of Balance Series, as we illuminate a different way to live – so we can focus on what matters, be the most powerful presences of change, without exhausting ourselves and our resources including: 

  • Indigenous, feminine and yogic wisdom for tapping in to the natural order of the cosmos and the earth to create a more natural order and flow to your life
  • How to structure your days, weeks, months and year differently and with intention to create more space for what matters and more space for you
  • Fuel your work and create the space to bring the projects you desire to bring into form using the 4 Feminine Super Power turns of the Year
  • What bio-dynamic farming, business theory and ancient wisdom all agree on regarding the rhythm we need to lead our lives with success
  • The Feminine Super Power of FLOW + Using the Power of Moonifesting – and how you can use it to get what matters done


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