Feminine Power Time: Sad & Mad About the State of the World…What Do You “Do” With These Feelings?

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Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo:

Sad & Mad at the State of the World? What do you “do” with these feelings?

Our feminine power as women comes straight from our hearts.
Vessels of compassion – we feel deeply.
Generators of passion – we stand for what we believe in fiercely.
But in this world which can be so harsh and hard,
in which our hearts can break for others and feel so heavy,
and our anger can get riled up into rage or rightenous,
so instead of being agents of elevation, we add fuel to a fire that detroys…

What do we do with this anger and grief?
And how do we use it to free vs destroy? 


Each of our hearts has a spectrum of emotion that ranges from SAD to MAD that is our super power, if we know how to yield it and be with in correctly. But most people have not gotten training on how to use these energies in ways that fuel the change we desire vs. destroy the very thing we care so deeply about.

There are days when my heart can feel so heavy with sadness at the state of this world and what humans do to each other. If I don’t allow myself to feel this and then move through it, it can drag me down like a grief pool of stagnant water.

There are other days when my heart ignites like a fire storm, angry and mad sparking frustration and sometimes when it gets too big, it distorts into righteousness.

Our emotions are our super power – they unlock the deep compassion and fierce passion. And with all power, we have to make sure we are rooted in love when we use it.

So when you are SAD or MAD at the state of the world, or things happening in it, or what specific people are doing … how do you use those emotions powerfully in ways that elevate the situation and honor your feelings vs. expressing those feelings in distorted ways (or not at all) harming yourself and others?

What do we do with this anger and grief? And how do we use it? 

Tune into this Feminine Power Time – Sad & Mad About the State of the World…How to Use Your Emotional Power to Elevate vs Destroy, with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, for a soul provoking, heart invoking, and practical revealing and teaching on our emotional power through the feminine lens, including:

  • Reveal and feel where you fall on the emotional power spectrum of SAD and MAD – where are you comfortable, how do you use this powerfully and how can you distort?
  • The power of Sadness – water – and Anger – fire – how to not get stuck in or overwhelmed by either & how to use both to fuel your passions, work and part on the planet.
  • How to know when you are tapping into your personal feelings and when you are tapping into the collective grief and rage
  • 3 simple but mighty practices for “transmuting” the sadness and anger that we just need in order to stay above the fray in these intense times

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Resources mentioned in this episode of Feminine Power Time: 

  1. The Osho Dynamic Meditation for anger and sadness release
  2. Hard Times Require Furious Dancing by Alice Walker
  3. Great Mother Bath Music “Returning” by Jennifer Berezan 



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  • Melissa Gonzallz

    Your Sad and Mad at the state of the world was so serendipitous for me. As soon as I turned on the TV today, the channel was set to The talk and I was shocked to hear people defending the act of an officer that assaulted a women because she spat at him. And I realized that I felt angry at the state of the world for defending acts of violence for some time now and this was just the tipping point for me this week. I’m so glad to have your advice and wisdom. It’s freeing and supportive. So thank you!

    • Christine Arylo

      Melissa – thank you love for sharing your experience and emotions here! I am always guided as to what the topic is and my heart is happy that the our conversation illuminated a feeling and truth for you. Our feelings and our hearts are our super power. xo Christine

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