Are Your Channels Clear? Ensure Your Intuition is Driving Your Decisions

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Are Your Intuition Channels Clear?
Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

The yogis say when your intuition is strong and clear

you can know your truth and the best path to take within 9 seconds.

Feminine wisdom teaches us that it’s our hearts not our minds that

hold the keys to our soul’s truth, keys with the power to keep us true to ourselves.

But how can you be sure that the guidance you are receiving
is clear and connected to Wisdom vs. affected by stress, fear or unconscious drivers?


When your subconscious is cluttered or clogged due to stress, fear, too much going on, other people’s stuff your intuition guidance system gets tweaked, cloudy and confused.

So you make choices that are not in your best interest.

When you are conscious of what’s going on under the surface within you, you can clear away the clutter and attune your mind, heart and body to a deeper, clearer Wisdom.

So how do you know if your channels of intuition are clear or cloudy?

How do you clear your intuition channels so you can make choices that are aligned to your highest consciousness and good? 

Well… these are good questions we want to be asking ourselves and have answers for.

Most of us did not get this training in school or on the job. I had to search for it outside of traditional education because our our traditional systems for hundreds of years have valued logic over intuition, the rationale mind vs the feeling heart.

The result?

Without our intuition clear and strong, we are operating at half of our power.

And we have learned to mistrust our intuition and discount it – call it woo woo even!

When the truth is our intuition is a foundation of our feminine power. And when we marry it with the power of logical and intellect we gain the power of Wisdom and true intelligence.

I am just back from an 8 day yoga teacher training on mind and meditation in the New Mexico desert, and I brought you back some souveniers to answer these questions!

And to support you in clearing out the blocks and clutter in your field so the choices you make this next part of the year are guided by Wisdom, and your intuition, keeping you true to your path and yourself.

Intuition super food!

christine arylo feminine power time podcast banner

Join me, Christine Arylo, for this Feminine Power Time podcast “Are Your Channels Clear? Ensuring Your Higher Consciousness is Directing Your Life” where we:

  • Dive into 3 ways that your intuition guidance system can get mucked up 
  • Reveal what is hanging out in your “psychic field” that could be crowding your space, creating stress and contributing to overwhelm
  • Reveal what one area in your physical body or one sabotaging habit that creates build up in your body  is calling for you to clear so your intuition can get through
  • Reveal how to tell whether your higher consciousness and heart or your ego and mind is setting your intentions for the rest of this year.
  • How to put rituals and retreats into place in your life as a consistent practice so you are clearing your intuition channels on a regular basis vs. creating build up that blocks your channels.


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I have a lot more to share on all of this with you –

Which is why I’ll be holding retreats on accessing your Feminine Wisdom and putting it to practical use – East Coast in July and West Coast in October.

Plus we open up the Feminine Super Power Year in July, starting July 12th, the new moon, for women who do want to live and lead the feminine way. Make sure to join us if you want to put this all into action.


Join me for Feminine Super Power Year – 6 month session
Leading, living and succeeding the feminine way.
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Starts July 12th – new moon.



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