Why Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships: Stop Settling, Sacrificing and Sabotaging Yourself for Love

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Why Do Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships?
Stop Settling and Self-Sacrificing Yourself for Love
Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo


I have met so many smart women who choose bad relationships, and have been one myself.

We show up strong and capable in our work, and for our friends and family, and even appear to be happy and physically healthy.

But when it comes to our relationships, we the make unhealthy, sabotaging sometimes even toxic choices for ourselves. 

  • Why do we stay in and choose unhealthy relationships?
  • Why do smart people who are successful at work, good people to their families and friends struggle when it comes to their love life?
  • Why does a person keep making the same bad choices and mistakes in who they choose as romantic partners or friends?

The short answer – at the root of all relationship settling, self sacrifice and self sabotage is a lack of self love. 

I know this because I’ve lived it, watched too many friends go through it and watch their children make the same mistakes.

We get trained in math and reading, but not in love and relationship, which has so much more of an impact on how our lives turn out, yes?

For example, how is it that we are not taught that Respect and Unconditional Love are how we are supposed to be treated in our relationships? That respect is not an upgrade? That men are supposed to kind to you? That people just because they are your parents, partner or boss don’t get to treat you poorly?

you deserve loving respectful relationships

I wrote my first book Choosing ME Before WE, left my corporate job and founded the Path of Self Love School because this wisdom it not being taught or lived and too many women, girls, men and boys suffer because of it.

Nothing will derail the success and wellness, and our capacity to be  leaders than unhealthy, toxic relationships. 

Whether you are currently struggling in your relationships (or lack of) or someone you love is or you have children or young people you influence, join me…

For a powerful Feminine Power Time Podcast on
Why Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships!

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Here’s what we will dive into:

  • Why do smart women and men choose harmful relationships, or settle and sacrifice themselves for love?
  • What does a lack of self love look like in a relationship and how do you know you are lacking it?
  • Love Cracks – the unconscious holes in our heart we stuff other people into
  • Self Honesty – why we run from it and why it’s the first step to freedom and creating the relationships we desire
  • Self Respect and Honor – how we strengthen this so we only have relationships that respect and honor us.


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And there is more to share and learn:

If you’d like to dive in deeper:

1. Join me for the annual Choosing ME Before WE summer of self love practice – start anytime in July – www.ChoosingMEbeforeWe.com

2. Check out the Choosing ME Before WE Book – www.theselflovebooks.com 

3. If you would like to teach self love or guide others in self love, consider joining our Self Love Guide training which starts in September www.SelfLoveGuides.com 


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