Stressing Over Too Much to Do? A New Way to Get It All Done that Doesn’t Sacrifice You

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Almost every woman I know has found herself on the brink of or smack dab in the middle of feeling overwhelmed and over it because she feels – and likely does – have too much to do.  And while the truth is that most of us do have a lot to do, the stress and overwhelm is largely internally driven. We may not want to hear that, easier to be a victim to the burden or life or to wear our badges of busyness like some kind of statement to our worth as women. But I say that it’s rather empowering to know that suffering from the disease of having too much to do does not have to be a terminal illness.

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We have the power to create new realities for ourselves.

And while society would tell us that if we just learned to manage our time better, or took a productivity course, or got a new daytimer system or read some book on how to be more productive we’d figure it out and our problems would be solved, that’s just not true. We are smart wise women. If it was about ‘figuring it out’ we’d have done it a long time ago. There are real challenges inside the systems we work and live in, including the unrealistic expectations of what it looks like to be a successful woman. And also including companies that demand more/children that need more/and rising costs of housing and living that drive us to work more. Those are real. But if we focus on these huge systems or outside forces for the change, most of us would rather pull the covers over our heads and stay in bed! Or out of sheer will power, push ahead and suck it up. Neither of these are the way to go.

Today, I submit to you a “sacred third” option. In the feminine way of operating, we don’t subscribe to either/or black/white solutions. There are always what is called a ‘sacred third’ solution that can elevate you into a different reality – if you slow down to listen to your inner wisdom, get some divine guidance and then take small but mighty steps.

To find this sacred third, we need to focus our attention inside of ourselves, at the operating systems that are running our thoughts, emotions, habits and beliefs and therefore our actions. I call this taking ” feminine power time” and have created a podcast to create that space for you.

This  week, we have a soul provoking, heart to heart, elevating conversation about the 4 internal programs you could be running that cause you to try to do too much, and then stress yourself out. They are programs that you were likely rewarded for at some point in your life – like your ability to juggle a million balls at one time. But being a juggler by nature is stressful, you are always stressed a ball is going to drop. Or they are programs you just accepted because that is how the system you work in operates. You allow your calendar to be stacked with meetings with no space to eat, pee, exercise, or rest because that’s just how it is where you work, or the kind of business you run. But the truth is that the systems were created by humans, and humans (that’s you) have the power to create new systems.

If you knew you could create a system that supported you, allowed you space to take care of yourself as well as everything else, made you more productive and gave you more freedom, supported you to achieve what really mattered wouldn’t you want to create it? YES! Well that system starts first within ourselves and then from there, we start to change the systems we live in – our families, our teams, our companies and eventually our culture, to be one where our personal & collective happiness and health are part of the equation of success, always.

Okay, now it’s time for you to tune in to Feminine Super Power Time – here’s this week’s episode – 
Stressing Over Too Much to Do? A New Way to Get It All Done that Doesn’t Sacrifice You 


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