The SuperWoman Sob: What’s the pressure inside you trying to tell you?

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The SuperWoman Sob: The phenomenon of finding oneself in a stream of tears due to the sheer amount of pressure, stress, burden, and overwhelm you feel under.

Unfortunately, since diagnosing this phenomenon, I have met, advised, and sat with many a woman who has also found herself under too much pressure. And as a result, like a keg of beer who has been pumped and pumped to intense pressure, with one little tap, the stream of tears just flow. Which truthfully, by the time you reach that point, tears are the best thing you can do for yourself. When the pressure becomes so intense you can’t handle it, I say cry, cry hard, get it out, and then go within and listen deeply to what is really going on.

Living under this kind of stress is not normal, not healthy and not the way it has to be.

When stress like this shows up, it’s a sign that something is out of alignment or that your body, soul or heart is trying to get your attention. I think of it like your soul setting off a flare gun to say, “Stop, slow down, and listen to me!”

This session of Feminine Super Power Time, the weekly podcast I created to support you to create sacred space to commune with your heart and soul, and with the Divine guidance trying to get through, is a very personal one for me, as I have found myself in the Super Woman Sob more than once.

Each time, and I remember them well, once the tears had their run, through my tear stained eyelashes, I instinctively knew that I could use the breakdown as a breakthrough or I could let the pattern or reality keep eating me alive. I recommend the catalyst approach and in the podcast share my own story + three powerful inquiries you can use not just when you get to the breaking point, but use them in the days or weeks prior, before you get to the place where the pressure is too much.

There are warning signs that you are on the brink of a Super Woman Sob – crabbiness, crankiness, being short and sharp, anxiety, can’t sleep or find time for sleep, mind won’t slow down, working late hours as a routine not an exception, increase in sugar and caffeine, and the list goes on.

There is Divine Wisdom you can apply to transform the stressful pressure into a powerful catalyst to liberate yourself & create a different reality.

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What’s the pressure inside of you trying to tell you?

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