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Where can you use a faith lift? You know a place in your life where there’s doubt, anxiety, stress or fear blocking the flow?

This week I taped a special Feminine Power Time podcast for you that includes a three step faith generating practice – I call a Faith Lift – because it lifts the pressure and stress off your heart, mind and spirit using the power of your divine Inner Wisdom… with all this heavy energy lifted and released you open yourself up to tap into your divine flow so you can see you what you really need to do, and do that one thing only, giving you permission to stop over controlling, over freaking out, and over doing.

The spiritual truth is that to face the unknown, to face the things that scare you, that make you feel doubt or uncertainty, you must be able to TRUST and RELEASE (no hours of reality TV aren’t going to soothe you)… but that’s hard! And maybe even impossible to do on your own. You need to feel a connection to something bigger than you to do so (that’s faith)… it is only after the Trust and Release that you can Receive what you REALLY need (and sometimes what you think you need and what your soul really needed will be different).



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In the podcast, in addition to the Faith Lift you’ll receive at the end, I’m taking us deeper into some spiritual truths that will free you from putting pressure on yourself and others for things to be different than they are. One big spiritual misunderstanding is that if you just do your ‘work’ life will stop throwing challenges at you.

The truth is that life is a challenge – full of victories & initiations & also times of rest & fun – and that’s not a ‘bad’ thing.

It’s our expectation that we are doing something wrong that creates lots of unnecessary suffering and pain during challenging times and disconnects us from our “Divine Downline” which is where our faith connection comes from.

Faith Lift - Makes Things Possible

Faith is a relationship & practice we have with the Divine – whatever you call it, Source, God, Force, Universe – that pulls us up when the challengesarise, that calls us forth to be our most excellent selves, that catalyzes and tempers us to feel our confidence, calm, content center even in the midst of a storm. 15 years ago when my life got rocked open, I found this card, which i still keep on my desk to remind me of the truth it speaks, and to help me reach out for the Divine and my faith cord, to give myself Faith Lifts when life heats up.

Turn off the chatter and let’s tune into your heart & soul and give you a Faith Lift – bring a challenging situation you are in the midst of now, or just come and get a good workout for your faith muscles to strengthen your faith for the next time life offers you a challenge. Use the Links above to tune into Feminine Power Time. 


Get Your Faith Lift 

In the Feminine Power Time podcast, I’ll lead you through this as a meditation, but I thought you might also like to have the steps written out.  


Where do you need more FAITH in your life?

Where are you controlling?

Be honest, we ALL have at least one place this is true.
It’s not weak to admit this.
It’s wise to tell the truth, and have compassion for yourself.
You are human after all.

So what is it?

Where do you need more faith?
And what are you afraid of, really?

Say it out loud. So you can hear it.

I need more faith that…
I am afraid that…

Okay, good, now the fear clogging up the divine flow is out in the open!


STEP TWO: RECEIVE…divine wisdom

So now you can have an open heart towards yourself, which allows you to RECEIVE the Inner Wisdom that lives inside you, that always knows what direction your heart and soul want to take.

Close your eyes.
Take a breath.
I mean it, breathe deep right now. Eyes closed (No peeking!)
And then put your hand on your heart.

And Imagine that place in your life where you need a Faith Lift.

And ask yourself these 2 questions…

  1. “What does my Inner Wisdom know I need to HEAR?”
  2. “What does my Inner Wisdom know I need to DO?”

And say that out loud so you can hear your Inner Wisdom speak to you.

Good. Listen to those wise words.
Receive them.  Like really acknowledge yes that is good advice. That action, even if it doesn’t directly manifest into something, is the action to take to clear this block and step into the flow.

STEP THREE: TRUST… take action

And lastly, promise yourself to act according to the direction that you received from your Inner Wisdom – which of course is really divine wisdom coming through you.

Yes, literally say to yourself, out loud

I promise to have faith in/that…

It’s one thing to hear the words of your Inner Wisdom and receive them but if you do not act nothing really changes for very long. You must follow your Inner Wisdom even if it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.


Be Witnessed

Here I will witness you on the blog — Share your Faith Lift with me! I’ll even go first, here’s a faith lift I gave myself a few months ago that supported me to keep the faith while my home came to me – which I am now living in and writing this blog and taping this podcast from!

“I’m getting a FAITH LIFT this week! My Inner Wisdom knows I need to hear that my next home is on it’s way to me. My Inner Wisdom knows that I need to reach out to that real estate agent. I promise to have faith in love, trust my home is already here, and reach out to the agent man!”

Okay, now your turn!!

    • I am getting a Faith Lift this week!
    • My Inner Wisdom knows I need to hear…
    • My Inner Wisdom knows I need to do <insert action>…
    • I promise to have faith in/that…

Post yours here on the blog!
Now, if your Inner Wisdom didn’t talk to you… then take a ME Moment and journal it out with her/him today, your Inner Wisdom is only a divine phone call away, and the more you call the more it will answer. And if still nothing comes, write what you would want to say. That’s a starting point. Just like going to the gym to build muscles, it takes time to build your inner wisdom muscles.


SUBSCRIBE TO THE FEMININE POWER TIME PODCAST on ITUNES … and every Thursday, you’ll have a new date to take with your heart and soul. Slowing down to Feminine Power Time where your Divine Downline & Inner Wisdom is ready to light the way.

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  • Lashpal

    Thank you for faith lift. I need it today for my work life from faith. I will remain flexible to see for my next steps.

  • Lylia Saouli

    Thanks for the faith lift today, i needed it.
    My inner wisdom knows i need to hear: you are taken care of, everything is coming your way at the perfect time. Have faith, trust and release.
    My inner wisdom knows i need to:start packing, make arrangements for the movers and people helping you move, set the move date.
    I promise to have faith that the perfect apartment is already here with everything i need and want and more. Trust in Divine Love.

  • Trish

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. A different starting point.

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