Stressing Over Too Much to Do? A New Way to Get It All Done that Doesn’t Sacrifice You

Almost every woman I know has found herself on the brink of or smack dab in the middle of feeling overwhelmed and over it because she feels – and likely does – have too much to do. [...]


The SuperWoman Sob: What’s the pressure inside you trying to tell you?

The SuperWoman Sob: The phenomenon of finding oneself in a stream of tears due to the sheer amount of pressure, stress, burden, and overwhelm you feel under. Unfortunately, since diagnosing this [...]


Stress Releaser: Stop Trying to Do Too Much in One Day and Try This Instead

I made you this short video from my heart to yours as a big permission slip to take some of the pressure off of yourself that you are unknowingly putting on yourself. There is plenty of pressures [...]