Stress Releaser: Stop Trying to Do Too Much in One Day and Try This Instead

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I made you this short video from my heart to yours as a big permission slip to take some of the pressure off of yourself that you are unknowingly putting on yourself. There is plenty of pressures on the outside that you don’t need to be adding pressure from the inside.

One of the biggest contributors to burnout and overwhelm is you try to do too much in a day.

You try and cram too much in and then just like if you were to cram too many clothes into a suitcase, you have to yank, pull, and smash to get it all together. The difference isChristine Arylo Burnout to Balance that when you try to do too much in a day you are yanking, pulling and smashing yourself, which is why you feel cranky, overwhelmed or like it is all on you.

We do this to ourselves because our internal operating systems have been wired through social conditioning to believe we have to do it all, take it all on, manage everything, etc.  So we run into our days, with our full to do lists in hand, and “attack” the day or “manage our lives” – neither of which bring us personal health and happiness.

There is another operating system that doesn’t create so much pressure and stress, that doesn’t sacrifice your happiness and health to your to do list, or to the people and projects you care for.

There are lots of simple programs you can install into your internal operating system that create a more sustainable reality for yourself. I share one of these on the video + send you a big permission slip to take the pressure off. Often, we need someone else to let us know it’s okay to take things off our plate and stick them in the freezer for later 🙂

So from my heart to yours, take something off your plate today. Give it to someone else. Or just wrap it up and save it for another day. One small but mighty step towards balance and harmony!

We start the 40-Day Burnout to Balance Super Power Practice on April 9th – if you want to rewire your internal operating system and the rhythm of your life for personal success + happiness + health = Success …. and have more flow less force, more space, less stress, more peace less pressure, join us.

Burnout to Balance 40 day practice with Christine Arylo

Go to for the divine details.



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  • Valerie

    I just moved this past weekend, so have been pushing myself to get everything put away, organized etc., etc. I was already thinking that I needed a break this afternoon, and you just gave me permission! Now the next thing on my agenda is a short nap. Thanks Christine!

    • Christine Arylo

      Perfect Valerie – always happy to help out another woman to give herself permission to take a break before she reaches the breaking point. xo

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